Mana River Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Many deservedly attracts to its banks Siberian taiga beauty - the river Mana.Krasnoyarsk region, in whose territory it takes place, is rich in various bodies of water, but the inflow of the Yenisei River collects crowds of fans wild beauty, lovers of extreme rafting and nature reserves.

location and characteristics waterway

right tributary of the Yenisei River - the river Mana, originating in the ridges of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, and in Mansky Kuturchinskom Belogorie.It carries its waters from Lake Mana on the northern slope of the Eastern Sayan, mostly in the direction of the northwest, crossing arrays of taiga and falling into the Yenisei River 30 km upstream edge of the capital - the city of Krasnoyarsk.The total length of 475 km it has, and the flow velocity varies from 7-8 km / h in the upper reaches of up to 4 km / h - in its lower reaches.Mana River takes its tributaries pool of more than 300 different sizes.The biggest of them - Mina Krol, Flask, Zherzhul, takes Urman.In the mountainous

part of his for almost a kilometer river flows underground.Upper is quite sinuous and full of rapids, suitable for downstream navigation.

Natural conditions

Mun River flows through large areas of karst rocks, characterized by good solubility.Its upper reaches of the harbor, mainly snow and rain water, downstream of greater importance is the saturation of pure subterranean cold (10 degrees) water, rich in minerals (hydrocarbonate).These numerous springs with natural drinking water enriched present in the entire basin.

shores are rich in vegetation, similar to the forests that surround the city of Krasnoyarsk.Mun River will please fans of pine air - in coastal areas can be seen and the pine, and larch and cedar, and spruce and fir.Of deciduous trees are common birch, aspen, willow, mountain ash and cherry.The waters of the river rich in trout, sturgeon, lenok, pike, grayling, burbot, perch, ruff, roach, dace, loach, gudgeon, minnow and steers round timber.

near the mouth (20 - 40 km) on the right bank of the border of the nature reserve "Pillars".

Environmental landmark

Mana River known for a very interesting natural formation, to be protected, located in the north-western spurs of the Eastern Sayan on the right bank in its lower reaches.

This reserve is known all over the world, thanks to the four rocky ridges with impenetrable walls - Manske Pillars related to syenite buttes.Millions of years of wind and rain sharpening stone, creating scenic sculpture resembling a huge (up to 100 meters tall) animals, through fabulous caves and arches.Many of the rocks in this national park have their names - Golden Eagle, Feathers, Vultures, Santa and the like.


Most outdoor enthusiasts come here for river rafting.From May to September, numerous rapids of different levels of difficulty attracting crowds of tourists, extreme.The entire pool is within the mountainous terrain, which makes the beds of the tributaries of rapids and creates an abundance of waterfalls, narrow valleys characterized by steep slopes, the water surface is full of islands, rich in sharp turns, the bottom is strewn with reefs, shoals and shallows, there Shiver.The upper reaches are two thresholds relating to the 3-4 category of difficulty - Sable ("pipe") and the Big Manský, which is held every year the local championship in water slalom.On raft sports courts can only Yulevskogo mine, the lower reaches of the jet is available for small vehicles.

Adherents more relaxing pastime river Mana holiday offers appropriate - you can take a walk, swim, go fishing, spend the night around the fire, which at the weekend on a rocky isthmus "Perekop" attracts hundreds of citizens.

Handmade historic monument

Another attraction, testifies to the heroic labor past difficult years of war - a tortuous section of the railway, called "highway of courage", laid in a grave in 1942, after which the work of some of its builders developers has been equal to the featon the front line.

track has a complex trajectory - three crosses the river, stretched high concrete arch railway bridges and entering Manský tunnel having the largest length on a branch Abakan-Taishet.

Thus, the river Mana, Krasnoyarsk decorating, is considered to be a tourist resort, attracting not only the residents of the regional center, but also visitors from other regions.