Beautiful beach Emelyanovo: photos and reviews

Every year more and more reservoirs are refined and are improved for a comfortable rest for the inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk.Despite the abundance of lakes and rivers, not everywhere you can swim on a hot day.Somewhere in the sanitary quality of water leaves much to be desired, in other places unsafe beaches, so the appearance of new rest areas can not please the citizens.

Lake of Dreams

New Emelyanovo beach, the village of Krasnoyarsk, located on the road to the airport, now in its seventh year, welcomes visitors.Not so long ago here have built a complex on the same body of water, known as "Lake of Dreams".In the summer of 2014 Yemelyanovsky but comfortable cabins, comfortable sun loungers and catering, there was a children's amusement park.On the shore were planted 300 seedlings symbol Siberia - cherry.The owners do not plan to stop there.The project - the expansion and establishment of new forms of entertainment and the development of winter recreation.Beach Emelyanovo has one drawback - it is pa

id, which naturally limits the number of visitors.Not everyone can afford to pay 300 rubles for adults and 200 rubles per child ticket every weekend.But you can find a low cost options.

Beach Emelyanovo

On the way to the airport a few years ago have started to equip for the needs of holidaymakers another body of water that has the advantage that it leads to the paved road.The sight of the lake is an island in the middle of it.After a good deal of the work of landscape designers, he began to attract a lot of tourists, who called it the island of lovers.

addition to the pleasant part, the local beach is different and purely practical additions: a place of rest is equipped with sun loungers and 1000 special seats, stationary mounted toilets, cars can be parked on an asphalt parking lot.Much attention is paid to safety.Beach near Emelyanovo around the perimeter is equipped with CCTV cameras and lifeguards recruited staff.Regularly cleaning service territory.The development plans - improvement of tennis courts and football fields, the construction of a year-round basis and catering establishments.For such facilities will also have to pay.

Beach on Lake Semiradsky

new resting place in a thousand places appeared on the former pond for agricultural purposes, artificially created for livestock watering, irrigation and other needs, and named after the director of the collective farm.During resettlement area for swimming in the lake Emelyanovo beach, which can accommodate more than 1,000 people, has been completely cleared, imported sand to the shore, lined lawns.Additionally provided are tennis, football and volleyball courts, established a rescue rig and equipped medical center.On the equipped parking lot can accommodate 1100 cars.The plans - the creation of a helipad for the organization of excursion flights.

Safari Park

Exclusive place of leisure planning to organize on a lake Yemelyanovsky area near the river Elovka (two kilometers from the village).It will be a park area of ​​50 hectares on the territory of which will be created favorable conditions for living and breeding of certain species of wild animals, the life which can not only watch, but also to communicate directly and to feed them.It is planned to occupy ostriches and camels, buffalo and bison, deer and other species.All of them will be placed in suitable pens for the fences.Visitors will be able to feed and take pictures with the inhabitants.Along the riverbed is planned to equip the pond inhabited by colored carp, ducks and geese.

far from the territory allocated for the planned safari park, beach is Emelyanovo entertainment complex and attractions, so its visitors can easily join the world of wild animals.

further development of leisure center owners see the construction of individual houses and the whole hotel for a multi-day settlement.Universiade-2019 is planned to establish full-fledged complex, able to satisfy all the requests of visitors throughout the year.Will be laid trails for winter snowmobiling and skiing, slides arranged for Congress on a sled and buns on the lake during the cold period it is planned to make a skating rink.Activities will be available for everyone.

Reviews vacationers

Beach Emelyanovo - a very popular holiday destination at Krasnoyarsk, in spite of having to pay for entry.But every year there is information about the appearance of isolated cases in some so-called "swimmers itch" allergic reactions on the skin and even bite marks.Affected involve exposure of skin parasites, leading to contaminated waters.However, officially the fact of infection has not been confirmed, therefore, beg the question anything.

on a lake Yemelyanovsky area, which can be reached on the way to the airport on their own vehicles and by bus, arranged comfortably pay beaches where you can not only sunbathe, but also to play football or tennis or gothe rides.