Recreation (Kirov) "Poroshin": entertainment.

kirovchanin Everyone knows where to go for the weekend, if you want to not just lie on the couch and spend time actively outdoors, family, or just a friendly company.For many years, their services to residents and visitors Kirov offers sports and tourist base "Poroshin", located eight miles from the city in the same village.

History of

The complex was created in the nineties in the ecologically clean area of ​​the suburb of Kirov for the organization of family entertainment with an emphasis on sporting pastime.The aim was to raise the traditional values, instilling respect for nature and promote a healthy lifestyle.These plans failed completely.Today recreation (Kirov) "Poroshin" is a popular place of recreation for residents of the regional center, especially in the winter.There are traditionally held all city festivities, held family celebrations and corporate events and leisure.Ski competitions are held regularly.

facilities complex

Recreation "Poroshin" (Kirov) focuses more on leisure act

ivities in the winter.To do this, on the territory forest pave the three routes for skiers length of one, three and five kilometers.For the convenience of visitors along the route signposts that prevents the possibility of getting lost.Ski track is provided in two forms: for lovers of classic and supporters of skating.If your equipment is not, you can take in the paid rental skis (adults and children), skates, sleds and snowmobiles different models.Take advantage of rental equipment can be from 8 to 18 pm except Mondays.

For younger visitors each year and ice build wooden towns with numerous slides, which can ride not only children but also adults.

Summer fun

not only in winter, but in warmer months, hundreds of people are attracted to the village Poroshin recreation (Kirov).Entertainment taste here can be found by anyone.This horseback riding and biking trails, hiking in the woodlands, sitting with barbecue.The complex has its own stables, so that you can arrange horseback riding and summer bike rental.The equestrian club "Sofia" can learn horse riding or just order a horse ride or hike.Fans sit by the fire are available for rent gazebo with barbecue near the forest.For large companies all year round offering its services paintball range and a soccer field.

For preschoolers organized center "Fun", which can leave their children for a full day of food in the cafe.There with them walking through the woods, spend sports activities, play in town, organize trips to the farm.

address and contact information

Recreation "Poroshin" (Kirov) is located in the suburbs of the regional center near the village of the same name.Postal address: ul.Borovitskaya, 36, p / o Poroshin the city of Kirov, zip code 610902. All the necessary information is available by phone for inquiries 8 (8332) 441-147.

Many nonresident attracts recreation (Kirov) "Poroshin."How to get there - tell any local resident.To get from the regional center by bus route 21 or 121, or by car.

infrastructure and services

To serve guests on the base built a hotel complex "Dubrovsky".There are rooms of different price categories, which can comfortably accommodate more people, and couples in love.There are double and triple budget rooms and suites.Separate guest house accommodates ten people.It offers guests a sauna, a wedding pavilion, furnished beach area.Visitors can appreciate the skill of the chefs in the cafe "Jack" or "Dubrovsky".

City events

Recreation (Kirov) "Poroshin" is a platform for all urban activities nationwide celebrations and a variety of sports competitions, conducted here almost every week.Each month, on the last Saturday in the sports and tourist complex will organize family gatherings with theatrical performances, a variety of game programs aimed at joint participation of both children and adults.Throughout the year, the most active participants hoard special tokens, counting them in December, winners receive gifts.Recreation (Kirov) "Poroshin" became the center of the sports and social life kirovchan.

Thus, a favorite place of recreation for residents and visitors of the regional center offers visitors plenty of leisure activities.They fit and active tourists and fans quietly wander through the picturesque surroundings.Recreation (Kirov) "Poroshin" offers both small and adult classes for every taste.With its popularity is unmatched by any one local institution of this type or any other tourist town.