Finnish candle: secure long lasting fire.

Anyone who loves outdoor recreation (especially no picnic, and active - hunting, fishing, hiking), knows how much actual fire properly diluted.If you are not boxed for a BBQ, you need to worry about security, not to run away then from a forest fire and not feel like a criminal.And really light a fire in the snow, and so that is not quenched every minute, and do many represents the pinnacle of skill campfire.However, experienced travelers know how to build a center in compliance with the fire that was burning for a long time, do not proffer even in slush and does not require regular podkarmlivaniya.It's called everyone in different ways: a Finnish candle, candle taiga, Indian or Swedish, but the essence remains the same.There are even a few ways to make.


most successful Finnish candle turns out, if you are "landed" far from sawn logs.It does not take any effort: pick three saw cut approximately the same height and diameter, tightly put in a circle together and fire up in the middle of the f

ire.To the fire burning, and burn-out was exactly the same in all directions, is required to competently select a block of wood on top.The longest-held Finnish Candle, the logs should be the length of two of its diameter.The capacity of the fire enough to boil an hour for a third five-liter pot, and it does not even need to be suspended - it will be based on the logs themselves.As the block of wood burning as it were folded shalashika.If a fire "Finnish candle" you need a long time, at this stage, you can support it as the most common, podkladyvaniem firewood.

If there is a chainsaw

In the absence of the need for such a large outbreak and presence at the hands of the appropriate tool to do otherwise.Take a piece of thick logs in half a meter in length and saws crosswise (not end up somewhere in the three-quarters of the segment).If the diameter of saw cut is great, you can work a little chainsaw to get eight "slices."A higher number of cuts should not do it, because the sector has, the faster your Finnish burned candle.The log is firmly fixed on the ground (you can prop prikopat or stones) is put into kindling (of his own chips, dry fuel or a liquid firing) - and a few hours a fire at your service.

Field method

Suppose saw there, but need a Finnish candle.How to do it in such a case?Well, the ax something in nature in any case there.Prismotrenny for this block of wood is pricked in the normal wood, just a little more earnestly to the logs is not too varied in thickness.Then they gathered in a log source, just around the thick branches - that will focus.At the bottom, closer to the ground, and about the middle of the Finnish overtighten the plug, preferably a wire - it is not exactly perepalitsya.But if it does not, fit and twine and fishing line, and flexible rods.Especially it is necessary to reliably pull down since the middle of the logs burn through quickly, and without a good fix soil near your fire will collapse.The central branch is extended by three quarters, and saw off the bottom, then a Finnish candle is placed on the ground.By the way, if the original block of wood is not too heavy, you can use this thread as a foot and a stick in the ground.

Hand Candle

If no nearby trees felled (or a suitable facility for dry sawing, saws or even a normal ax), the Finnish candle with your hands is a little different.In the district are going rather thick poles, at least five centimeters in diameter, and are collected in a bunch again around the central branch.Side poles to be inside, you need a little whip knife - will better.The rest of manipulation - as in the creation of a "finca" of logs.

Candle primus

used it as a stove for cooking.Highlights - how in the manufacture of fire-candle field method.Two nuances:

  1. original timber should be partially hollowed inside.As an option, you can not vystrugivat core and chop it into Poleshko and clean them already.A fire going on snow in the same manner around the branches, but inside the cavity to be made artificially, and the outer wall are closed as much as possible without any gaps.
  2. On two opposite sides of the logs are cut or less, or more nominated up to five centimeters or six.Due to such a structure in the center of the fire will be inflated with air and his tongue will be directed mostly up.

for heating such a Finnish candle is not necessary - all concentrated in the fire.But the food is prepared much faster.

What can be useful Finnish candle?

addition to cooking and heating (except for "Primus"), a fire is simply irreplaceable as a beacon.Experienced fishermen, who walk in the evening sunset, leave this torch on the bank as a signal for was late - in the dark, it can be seen from afar.

Very handy when using Finnish candle and that almost to a complete burn-out can be easily and burns to move from place to place.A great benefit can be regarded as long-term fire: a medium-sized block of wood gives light and heat for about four hours.A maxi-fire without fuel can carry out their functions throughout the night.

If you're not a fan of "wild" tourism and fishing, but like to celebrate the New Year in the country, Finnish candles placed along the tracks, bring romance and festive mood and decorate the garden as good garlands and Chinese lanterns.