Hostels Mountain Altai: travelers reviews and photos

your summer vacation, many are beginning to plan for winter.Thus imagine a carefree sleep on the coast under the umbrella.Many lost tourists who previously could not attend the open spaces of the Altai Mountains.The clean air and crystal lakes no comparison can not go to the seaside.In addition, the tourist center of the Altai Mountains offer their services for a small fee.

Chalet "Aya»

large tourist complexes suitable for travelers older people, families with children and young companies.There is absolutely everything for a comfortable stay.This cozy room with all the amenities.The price includes breakfast.For an additional fee you can also get lunch and dinner.Chalet "Aja" (Mountain Altai) is placed on the crystal-clear lake which will delight coolness on a hot summer day.Part of the lake is owned by the camp site.

base has a developed infrastructure.There is a large fenced park where you can walk on warm summer evenings.A lot of tourists here and in the winter season.Many are attracted to clea

n frosty air.Especially useful in the Altai Mountains vacation for people who have problems with the respiratory system.In winter you can rent skis.Members with joy ride on gentle slopes.For aces equipped steep lifts.

If we consider all the tourist centers of the Altai Mountains, "Aya" refers to one of the most expensive.Often, you can meet travelers from Europe.But the service here, in the opinion of guests at a high level.

Chalet "Globus»

recreation center is located on the shores of Lake Aya, in a beautiful birch grove.It is ideal for family holidays.Tourists live in houses made of environmentally friendly timber.Presented numbers of the various categories.The least expensive rooms are no amenities inside.Many people prefer not to overpay.In addition, most of the time have to spend outdoors.Showers and toilets can be visited at the base.Tourists who used to vacation with all the amenities offered suites.There is a shower, toilet, television and a refrigerator.

The cost of living depends on the number of people in the room and the duration of the tour.Family vacations cheaper.For a single room will have to pay 1,800 rubles.Family Room (2 adults and 2 children) will cost 2500 rubles.The cost of luxury rooms is 4000 rubles per day.

Chalet "Katun»

According to reviews, the campsite "Katun" (Altai Mountains) is one of the most popular among tourists from the CIS countries.In the 70s of the last century, many came here for trade union vouchers.Elderly tourists return here, inviting children and grandchildren.This recreation center - a real paradise for tourists.There have been around for years formed tradition.More than 20 years in a row is a festival of bard songs, which is visited by not only ordinary tourists, but also famous artists.

Almost all the camp sites in the Altai Mountains have a developed infrastructure.Is no exception, "Katun".Now it employs a lot of cafes and bars, and the famous club "Puck" for many years, attracts young people.Boys and girls can to forget about work and study and enjoy the serene night life of the Altai Mountains.Good reviews of the camp and leave as a family with children.On the territory of the institution is a lot of swings and playgrounds.It created a lot of guided tours that will interest both kids and parents.

camp "Ak Tour»

Most often it is a place to relax for youth selected companies and various organizations for corporate events.The complex enjoys a convenient location.Near the base is a lake Aya, and Mount Gay, which organizes a variety of winter activities.Like other tourist centers of the Altai Mountains "Ak Tour" functions throughout the year.Most tourists prefer to come here during the summer or during the Christmas holidays.May holidays are also perfect for relaxing at the hostel.

tourist complex consists of two buildings.In the summer, guests can be accommodated in a comfortable two-storey cottage on 8 rooms.Since early October housing starts winter with 16 rooms.In summer, room rates increased slightly.For accommodation at the tourist will have to pay 2,000 rubles a day.Accommodation in winter will cost 1700 rubles.

Chalet "Berel»

For those who decided to visit the Altai Mountains, a camp site, "Berel" offers ideal conditions.The comfortable complex is located on the shores of the Katun River.Get the best rates and by train from Novosibirsk.The distance to the regional center is 500 km.Tourist complex "Berel" consists of two small cottages and 50 small mountain chalets.At the same time at the hostel can be up to 300 people.It is possible to arrange additional beds.The complex "Berel" perfect for family holidays.

All offered apartments are divided into three categories.If you believe the reviews of tourists, Alpine houses are ideal for relaxing in summer.The room can be two single beds or one double.Additionally, you can put a cot.The room has a wardrobe, two bedside tables and a dressing room with shower.The two-storey cottage is most often placed tourists in winter.Apartments are equipped with everything necessary, but only one toilet per floor.

Chalet "Ode»

Those who are interested in tourist centers of the Altai Mountains with convenient facilities, the complex is ideal for "Ode".He has quite a vast area, and close to many shops, bars, discos and restaurants.The tourist complex is located at a distance of 440 km from Novosibirsk and 20 km from Gorno-Altaisk.Most often, tourists prefer to rest precisely on this camp in the summer.500 meters from the body is Aya Lake.Vacationers have the opportunity to improve their health and simply soak up the warm summer sun.

hostels All rooms are divided into two categories.Reviews of parents indicate that for a comfortable stay better to book well-equipped apartments.Their cost is 1,000 rubles per person per night during the peak summer season.During uncomfortable room will have to pay only 550 rubles.

Chalet "Altan»

This complex is relatively young.In a short period of hostel "Altai" (Gorny Altai) has gained immense popularity among tourists.Vacation homes are located on the left bank of the Katun River.The tourist complex is ideal for busy companies as well as for quiet couples.Campers live in ecological wooden houses.Meals in the tour price is not included.For an additional fee, tourists can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in a cozy cafe-bar with 100 seats.

The resort has an excellent infrastructure.There is parking, which is guarded round the clock.In addition, in the recreation center tennis court, playground, pool, shopping pavilion with essential commodities, as well as a swimming pool.For the adventurous tourist center offers a walk through one of the extreme excursion routes.Many tourists who happened to visit the set of "Altai", come back here again.

Chalet "Lesovichok»

This complex is ideal for those who decide to spend a holiday away from civilization.The camp site is located in a forest 265 km from Barnaul.Vacationers can stay in one of 20 two-storey houses of timber, or 40 small summer houses.More than 150 people at a time can relax in the complex.For families with small children are ideal tourist center like the Altai Mountains.Reviews parents argue that rest in an ecologically clean area is to the benefit of often ill babies.

Chalet "Lesovichok" - a quiet place without noisy discos and bars.On the banks of the River operates a small cafe with a custom menu.Where you can dine with your family or a romantic date.In addition, the complex has a special place for campfires and a cozy sandy beach with numerous wooden pergolas.

Chalet "Tursib»

It really comfortable recreation center meeting all European standards.The wooden houses are located in a pine forest.Many campers say the unusual design of interior spaces.Tourists are offered rooms with different levels of comfort.For an additional fee the hotel offers a comprehensive menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

People who are accustomed to rest in comfort, hostel "Tursib" (Altai Mountains) offers to rent a two-storey house with all amenities.This building with a veranda and two bedrooms.It offers guests a cozy kitchen and a bathroom.House total area - 74 sq.m. The cost of daily rent is 25 000 rubles.

For tourists with little income are offered standard rooms.There is a one or two beds, TV, bathroom with shower, and a refrigerator.For living here will have to pay 3,300 rubles a day.

Chalet "Lesotel»

complex consists of several wooden houses, which are suitable for tourists both in summer and in winter.The Territory has two large cottages, which can be rented in its entirety.At the same time it can be based on no more than 70 people.The cost of a standard room per night is 3,000 rubles.The room has one or two beds, bedside table, dressing room, as well as tableware.Extra beds is 1,000 rubles.According

reviews tourist hostel "Lesotel" is one of the most democratic in relation to prices.During a week-long vacation with your family here will have to pay no more than 30 000 rubles.