Blagoveshchensk - Moscow: how best to get there?

This article aims to help those who have decided to travel along the route Blagoveshchensk - Moscow and wants to get more information about it.In this case, to get from one destination to another is like to cross the entire country.Not everyone will be decided on a fly, let alone ride.Nevertheless, there are always those who are willing to go on a long journey.


Blagoveshchensk city is located on the Amur River, at the mouth of the Zeya.It is the administrative center of Amur region.Blagoveshchensk was founded in 1856 as a military post, and after 2 years it got its present name.It is the only city in Russia, located on the state border: directly from the waterfront seen the Chinese city of Heihe, with all its shopping and entertainment centers, skyscrapers and even a Ferris wheel.All who wish to can deliver regularly plying on the Amur steam.

Those who arrived in Blagoveshchensk on the tour, is worth visiting museum, promenade, which has recently been reconstructed, and "Bastille."This soci

o-cultural center located on the main street.The building looks very unusual and worth it to see it.You can also look at restoring a triumphal arch built in 1891 and later destroyed and restored only in 2005.About


Certainly in Russia there are few people who need to explain what kind of a city - Moscow.But talk is short.

Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation.Scientists still can not be called up from the age of the city, but in 1147 it was found the first mention of the settlement of the Moscow, where Prince Dolgoruky took their friends and allies.This year it was decided to be the year of the foundation of Moscow.

capital of the Russian Federation is an important tourist center.Almost all tourists who want to get to the western part of the country, first arrive it here.So do the tourists from Blagoveshchensk.Often, in order to visit some western city of Russia or Europe, it is necessary first to fly or drive along the route Blagoveshchensk - Moscow, and then to get to the destination.


Even if you're just going to take a train or a plane to get to the other end of the country, you will certainly be interesting to know what is the distance that you have to overcome.The length of the straight section of Blagoveshchensk - Moscow is 5613 km.If you find it difficult to understand how it is, let's compare this figure with the other distances.It is about:

• 9 times from Moscow to St. Petersburg;
• 2 times from Moscow to Paris;
• 4 times from Moscow to Sochi.

agree that this is quite a lot.Russia - the longest country in the world, and the route you choose, one of the longest in the country.Along the way you happen to see a lot of cities, forests and fields, and therefore, this way will be done is not in vain.If

fly on an airplane

So you are going to fly along the route Blagoveshchensk - Moscow.The distance that the plane will overcome, we have learned.Now decide how much time will take flight.Depending on the airline and type of aircraft, the number of hours on the road can vary, but the average is about 8 hours and 10 minutes for direct flight.If you are planning to travel to Moscow with change, then add to this the time for at least another 4 hours 20 minutes.

Departure from Blagoveshchensk made Ignatievo airport.But if you want you can go to China, which, as we discovered, is not far from the city and depart from the airport Heihe.

take the airport in Moscow and the Moscow region can serve Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Bykovo depending on the chosen airline.If you decide to save money and fly with a transfer, then, most likely, will stop in Krasnoyarsk.

If you go by train

Suppose you decide to explore the entire Trans-Siberian Railway route Blagoveshchensk - Moscow.The train will pick you up at the central station the administrative center of the Amur Region and almost 6 days to arrive in Moscow.Along the way you will make 97 stops, the longest of which is Belogorsk, near Blagoveshchensk, - more than 3 hours.Here are just a few cities, through which you can drive: Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Omsk, Perm, Kirov, Kostroma.The train runs along the route Blagoveshchensk - Moscow on even days of the month.
So, we learned that the route Blagoveshchensk - Moscow flight time of about 8 hours, and the train ride takes 6 days.If you want to make this journey even more interesting, you can hit the road by car.Then, the distance that you have to overcome, will be equal to 7749 km or 5613 miles.How much the trip will take, is difficult to assume that everything depends on the capabilities of your car, the number of drivers and their endurance.But whatever way you choose travel, bon voyage!