Lodz (Poland).

Lodz (Poland) - not too popular city among tourists.It is believed that in this industrial city is not as interesting as, for example, in the Beauty-Warsaw.However, we will try to refute the widespread opinion and tell you how to spend the time usefully in this wonderful place.

Hotels and restaurants

If you plan an independent tour of the country, then you can stay in the city of Lodz (Poland).Here you will find many hotels and hotels at affordable prices.You can even remove one berth in the city center for 10 - 17 euros.If you want to stay more comfortable, then go in search of a middle class hotel, where a room will cost about 50 euros.Luxury hotel located in the center, with the request of guests from 70 to 90 euros.

appreciated the hospitality of the city will help you visit cafes and restaurants.If you are an avid fan of Italian cuisine, we recommend that you visit the pizzeria Da Grasso.Beer lovers should be sure to visit the Irish Pub, and those who want to taste the national dish, straigh

t road in Soplicowo.

Lodz (Poland) sights

tourists visiting this wonderful city, first of all point out the diversity of the local architecture.Vintage Lodz houses can be enjoyed for a long time.No wonder their owners competed with each other, furnished their homes for the best category, and sought to make them look like no others.

If you have time, be sure to inspect the interior of the Palace of Mauritius Poznan, the villa of Leopold Kindermann and Edward Herbst.You may find it interesting to visit museums that tell the city's history and local traditions.Besides visiting the unique churches, synagogues, factories and museums, you can enjoy even and natural sights of the city of Lodz (Poland).Photo taken in the well-kept botanical garden, one of the local parks or Lagevnitskom forest park, decorate your collection and keep memories of a wonderful stay.

Lodz - the cultural capital of Poland

This justifies the high rank of the city virtually every day.Many invisible threads connects Lodz with the film industry.It was here that has its own Walk of Stars, Cinema Museum and the Higher School of Film and Television.The convenient location of the city popular singers and musical groups become his regular guests.On the concert stage "Arena" regularly hosts performances of different levels.


City Lodz (Poland), gaining popularity among European tourists as a shopping center.The ability to acquire quality products at low prices to attract more guests.Many of them point to the fact that especially advantageous to wholesale purchase.Most shopping malls and stores are located on the main street Piotrkovska (Piotrkowska), which extends four kilometers.Here, nestled many restaurants and cafes where tourists can sit and relax on hikes through the mall.

Due to the high concentration of shops, souvenir shops and department you can buy in one place not only new clothes, and other necessary goods.

On the same street is the famous shopping center "Manufacture".The uniqueness of the complex lies in the fact that under the guise of this lies not only a huge trade area, but also four-star hotel Andels, impressive size of the area, the longest in Europe, fountain and a huge entertainment center with its ice rink, climbing wall, fitness center and bowling alley.Tourists who settled here can indulge in their favorite hobbies, attend local concerts and shows and, of course, to devote all their free time shopping.

market in Lodz (Poland)

Every tourists who visited the city in the described, known mall Ptak.This is not surprising, since it is the largest center in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe.On its territory there are more than two thousand retail and wholesale trade.Here you can buy clothes, shoes, sports and children's products, accessories and jewelry.On the territory of the market, you can easily find any chain stores of famous brands.For the convenience of visitors, it was built six thousand parking spaces, outdoor cafes and restaurants, currency exchange, post office and a variety of support services.

Across the street from this unique market outlet is the same name, in which customers are offered products with at least tridtsatiprotsentnoy discount.What to say about products from last year's collections!They cut prices by 70 to 90%.It is noteworthy that the "Ptak" is located just 350 kilometers from the state border (on the outskirts of the city).Perhaps it is due to this fact you can buy products from Europe at affordable prices.Every year thousands of people from Russia, Lithuania, Czech Republic and Bulgaria are coming here to update your wardrobe and fill up assortment of own shops.

Conclusion If you have a chance to come to this wonderful city, do not delay the visit.Enjoy the ride, bringing with him memories of the local attractions and a good mood on the successful shopping.Lodz (Poland) left a lot of positive experiences so that you are sure to want to come back again.Have a good trip!