Visa to Poland for shopping: step by step instructions for registration

for Belarusian citizens the most convenient way to travel to the countries of Central and Western Europe is a visa to Poland "for purchase".Despite the fact that these words in quotes, shopping tour would have to do - at least for the first time.And I assure you, these purchases will benefit both the quality of the goods purchased and the price.So here there is a mutual benefit: Belarusians make shopping convenient and familiar with the country, while Poland exports its products than the GDP increases.But how to get a visa «Na zakupy»?This issue will be devoted to this article.Step by step instructions for getting permission for entry to Poland for shopping tour, see below.

Pros and cons of visa "for shopping»

The demand and popularity of the entry permit is simple: a minimum of documents when applying minimum bounce, the maximum length of stay.If from the usual tourists traveling to see the sights of Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan and Wroclaw, as well as relax on the Baltic coast in Gdansk, required to pro

vide vouchers, confirmation of reservation and considerable financial solvency, the visa to Poland "for purchase" is even available to students, pensioners... and the unemployed.And this population a chance to get permission to enter the Schengen area for a year!By cons visa "for purchase" is the fact that not all citizens of Belarus may claim it, but only those who are resident in the border regions with Poland.This Brest, Minsk and Grodno oblasts.Other Belarusians are eligible except for a tourist visa.But the happy owners of the "shopping tour" never get refused entry at the border.Unless, of course, confirm the purpose of their trip the availability of funds.Shopping in Poland also have to do with the mind.After you later have to prove that you went to buy food, but not in other cases.Although this brand allows you to travel to all Schengen countries.

visa to Poland "for purchase" in Brest

feature of this type of entry permit is that the consulates in different requirements for the package of documents differ.Therefore, we consider alternate procedure petitioning for shopping visa in Brest, Minsk and Grodno.If you are officially registered in these areas, then you have a pretty high chance to visit Europe.How?Let's start with the passport.Regardless of the Embassy and type of visa, it must meet the following requirements.First, the validity of the passport should not come to an end.The document shall be valid for three months (a minimum) after the completion of your trip to the country of the Schengen zone.Second, in the data sheet should have at least two blank pages.A need for the visa label, and the second will be stamped on the border crossing.Then you need to take a photo, meet the requirements of the diplomatic mission.Now comes the most difficult stage - registration on the website of the Consulate of Poland.After it, assume that you already have in your pocket a visa to Poland "for purchase".Register Brest (as well as in two other cities) only e.On the site you want to fill out an online questionnaire, after which you must send a letter with information about the number and the exact time when you will be at the consulate.


wishing to register a lot, so often the petitioners waiting on for months.In this regard, a thriving network of "helpers" - Belarusian companies undertake not only help you in filling out an online form, but also to accelerate the receipt of a call to the consulate.Naturally, their services are paid for, and the price varies between 50-80 euros.However, these agents do not provide an absolute guarantee.After registration of the consulate gives only a few hours a month!When you indicate the time for the "audience", will you vote on it fully prepared and with a full package of documents.If something goes wrong, you will have to register again.Visa to Poland "for shopping" does not require the collection of huge piles of documents much easier.Below we list the necessary papers.

documents for visa-shopping (for all three consulates)

addition to passports and photographs required:

  • Insurance valid on the territory of the European Union and covers thirty thousand euros accident.These policies are sold as near consulates and travel agencies.
  • proof of ability to pay.This may be a reference to the work on the salary for the last three months bank statement, a document of a pension or other benefits.Visa to Poland "for purchase" is issued without any problems, if the petitioner on the credit card is not less than two hundred euros in ruble equivalent.
  • photocopy pages 32 and 33 of the internal Belarusian passport (personal data).
  • If you have Schengen visas in the last three years, you need to make photocopies.This will help get an entry permit.

visa to Poland "for purchase" in Minsk and Grodno

In these two consulates until recently been observed regional differences in the requirements to the package of documents submitted.For example, in Minsk had to make an invitation from the Polish magazine, which should be given personal details of the applicant.And not all were good shops, and only the big supermarkets.And the invitation was to be made correctly stamped by the store, signed by the Director.Fortunately, this requirement is now removed.Minsk residents should be included in the questionnaire in the "purpose of travel", "visa to Poland" for purchase ".Grodno asylum-entry permits are required to submit along with the packet of papers form-a statement which undertake to make shopping in the destination country.

consular fee and obtaining a visa to re-

After the adoption of the documents to the employee of the diplomatic mission to the applicant gives a check to pay the visa fee.These 60 euros to be paid at the ticket office of the visa department to 14:00.For re-visa (possibly for a longer period) must be submitted to the consulate the documents confirming compliance with the objectives of the previous trip.This can be through and texture drawn on your name and the stamp and signature of the seller store.When paying cash purchases need to provide a document to the consulate about returning TAX FREE or checks.