"Forest Glade" Ramenskoye: photos and reviews

in a quiet neighborhood on the outskirts of Ramenskoye lush greenery of old parks warmly welcomes its guests comfortable entertainment complex.Visiting this institution gives you a feeling of rest on the nature - and the interior design of the whole complex up to its name - "Forest Glade".Ramenskoye buried in vegetation, so built and decorated in the country style of the hotel, restaurant and sauna are organically integrated into the surrounding landscape and quickly gained a loyal following.

forest clearing on the outskirts of Ramenskoye

In any season, the restaurant is not empty.Excellent cuisine, well-trained staff that respond to any request, decent wine list make a favorite venue for business meetings, corporate events, weddings, anniversaries is a cafe "Forest Glade".Ramenskoye ideal for those guests who want to relax away from the city, but not ready to abandon the usual level of service.


presence of several rooms allows you to organize large-scale events of any size.Even with

a grand celebration with lots of guests, for those guests who just wrapped dinner, always find a secluded spot restaurant "Lesnaya Polyana".Ramenskoye in great demand among newly-weds.Indeed, despite the relative proximity to Moscow, the prices are much lower than the capital.

Hall of Mirrors

To organize classical wedding or any other special anniversary greatest success mirrored hall.Simply decorated in accordance with the best traditions, he is using experienced decorators it can easily be turned into a very special room.The vaulted ceiling provides an opportunity for the imagination, and the room, if you wish the owners of the holiday, easily converted into a ballroom of a medieval castle or the beautiful ceremonial room of the palace.Hall of Mirrors designed for events with a small circle of invited, its capacity is about 50 people.

Club Hall

If the number of participants exceeds one hundred and format of the event does not involve a script in the traditional style, "Forest Glade" (Ramenskoye) proposes to use the walls of the club room.In its interior is cleverly intertwined country style and a loft, and elegant metal chairs with soft cushions reiterates classicism.Club lounge is on the first floor of the inn.In addition to traditional tables it is possible to stay on the soft comfortable sofas and enjoy the sounds of live music.

Classic room

On the second floor is in the third of the banquet rooms.Classically decorated, it is furnished with soft comfortable sofas.Sufficient plasma panels allows to freely enjoy the most important sporting events.Regulars places often call this room a sports bar, as many visitors often come here not only to eat, but also to spend a memorable evening with friends enjoying a football match, boxing fight or auto racing.In the classical music hall we use modern equipment.From Monday to Thursday and on Sundays room works with a karaoke club, where his vocal data can show all those who rest in the cafe "Forest Glade".Ramenskoye honors its heroes - the photos of the winners of music competitions are presented on the official website of the institution.

In addition, 5 small rooms for 35 people comfortably allow to spend an evening in company or alone with each other.Each has a satellite dish, mounted plasma TV, air conditioning.


And if overly loud music and waiters some slowness on the part of the visitors are complaints, the single most important thing that has not the slightest comment from the guests restaurant "Lesnaya Polyana" - menu.Ramenskoye is famous for its meat products, so the menu offers many dishes of fresh pork and beef - kebabs, medallions, beef stroganoff, zhareha, zrazy ... also presents a varied selection of fish and poultry.The assortment of snacks is amazing, even the experienced gourmet.

Special menus for those guests who are tired of the traditional European cuisine, Japanese menu is offered.For the preparation of rolls and sushi using only the freshest produce.Proponents of Italian dishes have the opportunity not only to order one of 16 presented in the menu of pizzas, but also to create the new view of your favorite ingredients.The restaurant "Lesnaya Polyana" (Ramenskoye) provided this kind of service as delivery of selected dishes on the house, and made it absolutely free.

For the youngest visitors of an institution is a special children's menu.All meals are appetizing appearance and are made exclusively from natural ingredients.For those guests who are quite familiar with the range of restaurants, and wants a tasty lunch on your own couch watching TV, cafe offers a unique opportunity to order favorite meals via the Internet.Discount provided for such an order, reaches 10%.


With the first warm days starts summer terrace cafe "Forest Glade".Ramenskoye very beautiful in the spring, and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views, without leaving behind his table.Ethnic style interior fits well into the surrounding pine cafe.

any restaurant maitre d 'begins with a smile.Administrators "Forest clearing" of each visitor greeted as a welcome guest.Waiters and bartenders are making every effort to have visitors to places were the most pleasant memories of time spent in it.

Spa in the "Forest gladeĀ»

So what else can please institution - modern bath complex."Lesnaya Polyana" (Ramenskoye) guarantees its visitors a spiritual cleansing, getting rid of the immediate concerns, relax, and then - a full recovery.Customers are offered a choice of sauna, Turkish steam bath and sauna."Lesnaya Polyana" (Ramenskoye) surrounded by pine trees.They create exactly the atmosphere of total relaxation, which many visitors come even from Moscow.The recreation center has all the conditions for good rest.After a hot steam can cool quickly in a cool pool.Especially for the convenience of visitors equipped with comfortable lounges where you can relax and gather strength after the procedure.Each room ("Lesnaya Polyana", Ramenskoye), and them in the complex there are three - "Country", "Thai" and "Provence", can accommodate up to 20 people.However, very often a bath complex to be ordered for a much smaller number of guests the restaurant "Lesnaya Polyana", Ramenskoye.Sauna is quite suitable for families, besides children under seven years of age at half the price soared, and the three-year and younger - free of charge.On the whole territory of the bath complex have access to the Internet is possible to order dishes from the restaurant directly in the lounges.


Those who decided to rest in full, after a visit to the restaurant and baths do not have to get behind the wheel.The complex includes a cozy hotel rooms that offer virtually the comforts of home.The rooms have everything you need - from towels and slippers to different mattresses provide the guests a restful sleep.Often in the hotel business people stop coming to the Ramenskoye enterprise to solve business problems.Of course, nearby you can find many other hotels, large in size and with a few stars.However, barely any of them will breathe as freely as in the rooms, which offers "Lesnaya Polyana" (Ramenskoye).Photos of guests and entertainment complex serve as a reliable proof of this.


Each institution has its own nuances.And the fact that one categorically do not like, the other said the main advantage.For some visitors complain about the too loud music, and the sluggishness of the waiters.Others, in contrast, called the DJ "Forest clearing" the best in the region and did not miss a single party.A slow staff more than compensated for their thoroughness, diligence and accurate order fulfillment.But cuisine restaurant and a range of dishes suit even the most discerning visitors.

Guests "Forest Glade" administration provided pleasant surprises.Birthday, for example, can celebrate his birthday with a 20 percent discount.Wedding celebrations held during the week, and is much cheaper.The karaoke club regularly arranged song contest, which involved not only the regulars "Lesnaya Polyana", but also all residents and visitors of Ramenskoye.Any evening spent in this cozy establishment, leave a lot of positive emotions and positive energy in the coming days.