The recreation center "Oriole" (Ulyanovsk): photos and reviews

traditional holiday close to nature is considered the most valuable.A combination of natural factors with comfortable living conditions - ideal for the urban dweller.All of this can be found not far away, this opportunity provides, for example, recreation center "Oriole" (Ulyanovsk), which fit into the picturesque scenery on the banks of the Volga, in Zavolzhsky area.

Recreation "Oriole" (Ulyanovsk)

Reviews on this base crossed the regional scale.About her know she is loved and come to relax your family from distant cities.In a pine forest on a large landscaped green area and forest area with access to the bank of the Volga located "Oriole" recreation center (Ulyanovsk), a favorite place of citizens and guests of the Volga city.

perfectly organized infrastructure base allows overnight to forget the hustle and bustle, fumes and noise of the urban environment.Here you can relax as a family or a small company, to arrange on-site corporate.On the basis there is everything you need to combine the plea

sure of the nature of the achievements of civilization.

placement services and facilities at the base are 24 houses built of environmentally friendly building materials, "breathing" without violating the environment a healthy environment.They slept very well, besides excellent conditions the restoration of spiritual and physical health.Recreation center "Oriole" (Ulyanovsk) offers room categories, which differ in the degree of comfort and accomplishment.

rooms "Suite" for double occupancy.Only 6 houses with the category in which there is a double bed, refrigerator, TV.Zonal distribution of sleep and rest in allows you to feel at home.This kind of room has a kitchenette equipped with electric appliances, where they can prepare their own meals.

quadruple rooms.12 houses with such rooms can accommodate four people in the main and two - on additional bed (4 + 2, 4 + 1).In the room: double bed, sofa, living room, kitchen (fridge, microwave oven, electric kettle), bathroom with shower.

Aft accommodation.4 allow the house to comfortably accommodate eight people in major cities and up to four people - extra.In these categories of rooms, cabins, 4 separate rooms with double beds, a fairly roomy lounge with picturesque views of the River Volga, equipped with electrical kitchen, TV, refrigerator.

Corporate leisure

«Oriole" recreation center (Ulyanovsk) - it is also a great opportunity for going on vacation corporate, class, friendly company.In this case, you can not only relax, restore health, physical fitness, but also to strengthen the team spirit and open new resources for well-coordinated teamwork.

accommodate up to 16 people.At the base there is one house to house companies that can accommodate up to 16 people - 12 in the main and the others - on other places.In the house - porch, 6 bedrooms on the second floor, a large lounge with a view of the Volga River, equipped place for meal preparation.There Chargrill area equipped for cooking over an open fire.

Accommodation up to 18 people.A house for a big company, up to 18 people, which features five separate rooms on the second floor.The first - a hall, a kitchen equipped with appliances.There is a bathroom with shower, refrigerator, television.Its Chargrill area.


Recreation "Oriole" (Ulyanovsk) provides three options for power:

  1. «its food." According to this concept can be self-sufficient in power.There are all you need: kitchens in residential houses, mangalnye areas for cooking on an open fire.All the necessary attributes for this option, the power - wood, coal, grills, skewers, etc. Can be ordered at the reception.
  2. Order administrator. This will served in the room, some meals, drinks.
  3. food in the restaurant. This option allows you to free yourself from all domestic problems.The restaurant is quite a diverse range of products - traditional cuisine, ethnic cuisine of the world.


At the recreation center have the opportunity to do what he likes, hobbies, to spend free time.There are available for rent different types of vehicles, such as rowing and motor boats (have their own boat station).For traveling by private cars has a guarded parking lot.

you can organize fishing trips, followed by cooking the catch.All fishing equipment can be hired: this service provides recreation "Oriole" (Ulyanovsk).What to see and where to go during the holidays, prompt at the tour desk.And also help arrange hiking trails in the nature and to participate in the excursion programs.On the basis of - the current area of ​​cellular communication, because you can stay up to date urban everyday life.

Entertainment and reviews from our guests about the rest

In his spare time you can relax in the sauna or steam room with a broom, swim in the pool.Karaoke, banquet hall for celebrations, weddings, event management.

To be able to maintain your fitness in tone, there is a gym, inventory.For lovers of billiards and table tennis and there is every opportunity to practice your favorite sport.Not gone unnoticed and children, for them - a great playground, games room.

It is thanks to a wealth of opportunities for recreation and entertainment "Oriole" is very popular and has a high demand in every season.People like to spend their vacation time here, come here at the weekend.If you ask residents where to spend the holidays with their children, they will answer that it is recreation "Oriole" (Ulyanovsk).Traction Year, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, at any time of the year - you can spend unforgettable holidays because of the opportunities that are available in this country residence ...