Galata Tower (Istanbul, Turkey): history, photos, description

Galata Tower - is one of the most famous landmarks in Istanbul (Turkey).With its height a magnificent view of this ancient and interesting cities.If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, then be sure to include in your itinerary a visit to the Galatians!On the history of the construction, as well as how to get here, you can read in this article.You know, what are your impressions from visiting this attraction among tourists.

Galata Tower: photos, description

Galata was erected in the XIV century.Its height is 61 meters.Moreover, it is on a hill, so the design rises above sea level by as much as 140 meters!Because of this, Galata Tower is seen from almost every district of Istanbul.


Galata Tower boasts a long history.Thus, historians believe that the tower in its place was built in the 5th century AD.While there was a ruler of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian.But then the structure was made of wood, so long could not survive.Galata Tower was built on the site of the stone already in 1348.

century later, the Byzantine Empire was conquered by the Turks.Accordingly, the Galata has moved into their possession.At various times, the tower served a variety of functions: the lighthouse for merchant ships and fire tower and observatory, and even prisons.

Throughout its long history of building not just restored.The last large-scale work was carried out in 1967.Then the dome was rebuilt towers were built elevators.Also on the upper floor is equipped with a restaurant.The diameter of the cone-shaped roof is nearly 9 meters, and the width of the walls - 3.75 m.

By the way, Galata is also known as Hezarfena.I associated with it and the world-famous Turkish flight of Icarus.So, in the middle of the 17th century scientist named Hezarfen Ahmed Chelebi could fly off the roof structures on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus in a glider, which he personally designed.


Today this building is popular because it resides on a restaurants and nightclubs, as well as, of course, the observation deck.In addition, on the top floor of the tower at an additional cost (about 5 euros) can be photographed in the Turkish national costume.As for the restaurant, the prices are not low.However, the views from the view is definitely worth it to afford to drink here at least a cup of coffee or glass of wine.By the way, seasoned travelers would recommend this place to visit in the evening.At this time, there are not many visitors.Also on the ground floor there is a souvenir shop Galata.Here you can buy a variety of little things to remember.

As for the observation deck, the view from Galata tower offers a truly delightful.So, before you as the palm stretched the entire Istanbul.In addition, here it is well seen the Golden Horn and the Marmara Sea.

Galata Tower: how to get

This attraction is located in the European part of the city in an area called Galata.As already mentioned, the tower is located on a hill.It can be seen from almost every district of Istanbul, so you can not go wrong direction.To get to the Galata Tower in several ways:

  • can reach the stop "Karaka" tram and then walk up the stairs in the direction of Istiklal Street.
  • If you walk down the street Istiklal, is reaching its end, you turn right.You will be taken to the area where is located the Galata Tower.
  • Having reached the stop "Karaka", you can take the subway "Tunel" and then walk a little in the direction of the Golden Horn.

open to visit this attraction every day from nine in the morning to half of the ninth evening.In winter, the tower is closed earlier.However, the restaurant is open until midnight.The cost of visiting the observation deck of Galatians is about 13 pounds.

Traveler Reviews sightseeing

If you belong to the category of tourists who are interested to find out the experiences of other people who have visited a particular place, then we offer acquainted with the general comments of our fellow citizens, who during his visit to Istanbul was included in the routeand Galata Tower.

In general, most travelers were very pleased with the fact that they were able to visit the Galatians.According to them, the guides do not cheat, and indeed from the observation deck offers breathtaking views of the whole Istanbul.But better to come here on a clear day, when the panorama is particularly gorgeous.Also pay attention to the tourists that the road to Galata tower may not be very simple.Since the need to climb the hill.In hot weather it can be quite difficult.Furthermore, it should be prepared for some waiting as a small observation deck itself, and people who want to go on it a lot.However, according to the majority of our compatriots, Galata Tower is worth it to visit her.