Hotel "Science", St. Petersburg: description, price

city on the Neva River - St. Petersburg - its rich historical past.This is the center of Russian culture, and the city of palaces and parks, the center of art and science.Visit the city can be more than once, and always will be, what to see.

Choice hotels in St. Petersburg

If the meeting with the city museum will be held for the first time, it is best to choose a hotel to stay in the center, so you can leisurely walk through the streets, visit the most famous cultural sites and just wander around in the evening along the Nevsky Prospect - feel thiscity, immersed in his subject, visit the many cafes, art workshops, theater, books and home bakery.In this case, the choice of hotels to stay in St. Petersburg is defined by the following criteria:

  • proximity to transportation systems.
  • convenience of the location in relation to the historic center.
  • budget accommodation.

All these conditions corresponds to hotel "Science", St. Petersburg.

Description Located in the historic center of St. Petersbu

rg hotel "Science" (Million, 27) is very convenient for tourists who visit the goal which - familiarity with the city on the Neva.It will be possible, without using any transportation, walk to the St. Isaac's Cathedral, take a walk to the Palace Square or visit the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood.This is just a small part of all the opportunities.The room itself "Science" 2 * (hotel, St. Petersburg), where hotel rooms are located, is permeated with history - a former princely palace, now this building belongs to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

options and price

If the purpose of a visit to the northern capital is a familiarity with the history and culture of the city, you can save a lot of money to visit more excursions.For this hotel, "Science" (St. Petersburg) offers the opportunity to book the best budget options.This will be accommodation in three-, four- or five-bed rooms with shared facilities.The rooms themselves have only the most necessary for the rest of the day field excursion - bed, wardrobe, desk, refrigerator and TV.Price of accommodation for one person in a double room will cost 1000 rubles per night.

have affordable prices and more comfortable rooms - single and double.Some rooms category "A" have an electric kettle.Facilities (shower and toilet) are also on the floor, in common use.The cost of living in this room - 1100 rubles per night per person based on double occupancy.

most economical option will cost 800 rubles per person per night when placed in a triple room if a room is occupied by a family or a company from 3 people.Breakfast in price of accommodation is not included, if you wish, you can order the food in the restaurant or take advantage of the bar.In walking distance there are many cafes and snack bars, it should be noted that they, too, are the attractions of St. Petersburg.Each cafe has its own "sound" and style.


services offered Hotel are few, but included almost everything you need for a short stay.Hotel guests "Science" (St. Petersburg) offers high speed internet access Wi Fi, catering in the restaurant or in the hotel bar.There are air conditioning, safe, hairdryer on request, you can call a taxi, book airplane and train tickets.

respepshen service at the front you can get all the information and to solve domestic and other private matters of their stay.


The most popular routes, guests who visit the city during the first visit, include the following excursions:

  • Visit the Hermitage.
  • trip to St. Petersburg parks, visiting palaces: Peterhof, Pavlovsk, Gatchina, Tsarskoye Selo.
  • Visit the Naval Museum, the Kunstkammer.
  • trip to Petrograd fortress, visit Aurora.
  • Visit cathedrals: St. Isaac's, the Kazan, the Savior on the Spilled Blood.
  • Walking along the Neva River on a boat trip to Peterhof "Meteor" through the Gulf of Finland.
  • Visit the walled city of Kronstadt.

In order to see the life of St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences of the hotel "Neva" is perfect for its location.You can order any program with guided tours at the tour desk, which are near the hotel.It is also possible to prepare their own individual roadmap to visit those places that are worth seeing, the benefit that the hotel is conveniently located near subway stations.

Reviews and holidaymakers

The hotel can simultaneously accommodate up to 140 clients.So many tourists have visited here.Judging by the reviews, this hotel is often recommended for a visit.The biggest advantage - to find it in the historic center of the city.With such an excellent location, the price is very democratic and have everything you need to reach the main traveling - enjoy a wealth of experience from the city on the Neva.Hotel "Science" (St. Petersburg), reviews of which form its stable position among the leaders of the rest of the budget in the northern capital, far from the city center to 1.2 km.Pulkovo Airport is 16,3 km and the train station - 2.5 kilometers.Convenient, Affordable, and all necessary services to allow us to recommend this hotel for a short stay in the city on the Neva.