Parks Krasnodar: the most interesting destinations in the city

Krasnodar - one of the most beautiful and comfortable cities in the south of Russia.Fortress, founded Black Sea Cossacks by order of Empress Catherine II in 1793, has become an outpost of the southern gate of the Russian Empire.Ekaterinodar (literally "the gift of Catherine") - the first name of the city, which lasted until 1920, when the Bolsheviks came to power.It was from then on the decision of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the RSFSR, the city received its present name.One of the attractions of the capital of the Kuban Krasnodar are parks.That's about it today and we'll talk.

City Garden

One of the oldest parks in the city located on the southern outskirts of Krasnodar.It was founded in 1848 by order of the governor of the Caucasus, Prince MSVorontsov.Since that time in the garden were planted cuttings of thousands of trees, rose bushes and a variety of colors.

In 1932, the park is given the name of the writer Maxim Gorky.Then on the south side of the garden there is a po

nd.Before the start of the Great Patriotic War Urban Garden is one of the most beautiful parks in the south of Russia.During the war, this and other parks Krasnodar were almost completely destroyed.A lot of effort, time and resources of Krasnodar had to make to restore the park.But today it is one of the favorite places of rest of the townspeople.In the park are located venues, attractions for children and adults, cafés and malls, in the depths of silence in which to escape from the city.

Park "Sunny Island"

Park "Sunny Island" is located on one of the islands in the flood plain of the river Kuban.In 1959, on-site nursery Gorzelentresta was created "Sunny Park".Krasnodar has at its disposal another unique place for rest of the townspeople.

The park is set apart from traditional entertainment (rides for children and adults, a variety of cafes and concert halls) have the opportunity to practice sports.So, at the entrance to the park you can rent bicycles.And inland you can find volleyball and football pitches, tennis court, exercise equipment for strength training.Have an ice rink for skating lessons and hockey - this is what can not boast of other parks Krasnodar.Another attraction of the complex - "Safari Park", which is the country's only private zoo.On an area of ​​10 hectares comfortably settled fish and crocodiles, giraffes and lions, monkeys, kangaroos and more than 100 exotic animals.

Park "Europe"

rich and another entertainment complex - a park "Europa", Krasnodar.It is the center of entertainment and family recreation.The five-storey building, built on modern technologies, can accommodate a bowling alley and a karaoke room, a sushi bar and a cinema, SPA-salons and children's rooms with slot machines, billiards and a fitness club with modern facilities.For fans of high-quality family-friendly park "Europa" (Krasnodar) is a favorite entertainment.

Chistyakov Grove

Another favorite place of recreation for residents and visitors of the Kuban capital is considered to be Chistyakov Grove.Planted in 1900, she knew, and the pre-war heyday, and the perestroika years of neglect.In 2008, the park was reopened after a deep renovation.Built fountains and manicured avenues, beautiful flower beds and a new playground for children quickly gained popularity among the townspeople.Today it is the largest in area and most modern town for children.The main highlight of the grove is a unique attraction "Rope Park".

Parks Krasnodar today are developing dynamically.Create new attractions and playgrounds, alleys and laid new sports complexes are being built.Particular attention is paid to cleanliness and safety of park management.It is hoped that the grateful residents and guests of Krasnodar will also take good care of this lively corner of nature.