"Malakhovka" - a boarding house in the Moscow region

Today, more and more Russians prefer to relax without leaving the country.For Muscovites, for example, in the suburbs, you can find a holiday to suit every taste.Your vacation they can spend the winter and the summer is not very active, and - most importantly, decide what you need, select the complex, and all, here it is - rest."Malakhovka" - guest house, which is very popular.People come here from all over to spend time with benefits for body and soul.

Hotels in Moscow

not need any tedious flights abroad, costly, because everything is close by.A big plus is that you can relax, not only during the long-awaited vacation, but in any output.And then - to return to the workdays refreshed, relaxed and happy.Nature fills the body forces, which are so necessary to man for new achievements.

can spend a weekend with family, with friends or in seclusion with his half.Modern pensions Moscow region are sure to help you to realize our plans.

modern leisure in the Moscow area

It is best not to choose the

sanatorium and health facilities, as there is not need any sanatorium cards, and most importantly, there is no control of doctors and treatment.Pensions are designed to relax, but in many suburban complexes can rest and heal.

Therapeutic and prophylactic complexes Moscow region different cost of living - it depends on the conditions offered by the complex, on the room and a number of other reasons.Therefore it is necessary to choose the pension that suits you.

If you want to relax with health, then you will approach the spa resorts that provide a wide range of relaxing and restorative procedures.They remove tiredness and give you a charge of vivacity.Wishes to enjoy nature, breathe clean fresh air can go to the usual complexes.Although there are no special procedures, organized holiday worse.

In Moscow you can find health facilities, which provided a great vacation and have health treatments.In addition, the pension offers a variety of entertainment shows, sports, horseback riding, field trips and much more.For children animators work.Every pension is committed to European service to meet the needs of visitors and compete with similar businesses abroad.

Holiday in "Malakhovka»

Just seventeen kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road is located a wonderful guesthouse "Malakhovka".The landscaped grounds of a modern complex located in a mixed forest."Malakhovka" - guest house, are a great source of positive emotions for you and your family.Here you get a charge of vivacity for the whole year.After all, it's nice to breathe the fresh air of the forest after the dusty metropolis.In addition it has a purity and healing qualities that are beneficial to the entire body.

Thanks to the professional qualities of the staff make you feel at home - rest in the forest will be comfortable and cozy, and most importantly - very low.


«Malakhovka" - guest house, which provides a comfortable stay and good service.There are a number of reasons why you should rest here."Malakhovka" - a boarding house, where there is fresh air, good food three times a day, and all the conditions for a healthy lifestyle.The complex will provide a good opportunity to do so, taking a bike ride, and the shady avenues or take part in a table tennis tournament.

your expectations necessarily coincide with reality.The main thing - that you are far away from civilization, in the woods, always stay in touch and be able to keep abreast of developments in the country and the world, because the pension have Wi-Fi.

In addition, the guesthouse "Malakhovka" (Moscow region) offers to its guests a gym with modern appliances, a sports field.If you stay in the winter, the therapeutic and prophylactic complex will give the necessary sports equipment rental (skis, sleds, skates required size).Also during the cold season in the territory it operates a skating rink, floodlit at night.If necessary, you can use the services of a coach who will teach you the basics of this simple case and show how to stand on skates.

If you come with children, you should definitely visit the local zoo, where you can look at the spotted deer and unusual birds.Adults will also be interesting here - all the animals groomed, active, not afraid of people.

Very near to the pension, on Bohr mound, situated ski resort, so there will be no time to get bored.If you are - beginner in this business, the professionals will give a few lessons.Trails are suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes."Malakhovka" - guest house, photo on the background of which is always nice to be considered and is not ashamed to show friends.


After a walk in the fresh air you can relax in comfortable apartments which are located in the building of the hotel.Rooms everyone can choose according to your taste - there are standard, deluxe or suites, all rooms are equipped with spacious bathrooms, high ceilings and large windows that open to its guests stunning views of the forest.

rooms have double beds, tables, cabinets, televisions - all the things that a man needs a good rest.All rooms are clean, cozy and comfortable.

Family Holidays

If you bring a child bored in a boarding house, he just will not.The administration has taken care of that, too young guests spent their leisure time well.Your child can find something to do in the children's playroom or have fun on the playground.In addition, the baby will get delicious oxygen cocktails, which are very useful for the organism.

Your child will plunge into the magic world of the forest, and will long be remembered for his journey.The air here has a special flavor that it would be desirable to breathe deeply.

Children rest

«Malakhovka" - a boarding house for children who works as a camp for children.It takes its young visitors in shifts.So your child will be able to relax yourself.For the children the complex administration prepares interesting and educational activities, the children are involved in sports, study English, manifest themselves in creative groups and practice self-government.

atmosphere is so friendly and warm that some kids tied a real strong friendship.They learn to communicate, support each other and to find compromises.

Additional services

Also great experience Pension "Malakhovka" provides an opportunity for parties, banquets or themed evenings.Within the complex are modern and comfortable conference rooms with equipment that will allow for training and seminars.Pension "Malakhovka" has the most positive reviews.