The Republic of Belarus, the sanatorium "Dnieper"

Are all of the wonderful spa resorts are far away?And here and there!Islet healing wonders of nature and medicine is fraught with Belarus.Sanatorium "Dnieper" combines natural and scientific factors, offering tourists not only treatments, but memorable and comfortable stay.


Sanatorium treatment is often associated with a medical prescription, diagnosis, and a bunch of medical certificates.Of course, the resort can be a help in the treatment of existing ailments.We should not forget that the spa treatment - a great prevention of failures in the body and the way to tune with nature.Good opportunities for this offering Belarus.

Sanatorium "Dnieper" - is not only the treatments and proper nutrition, but also walking, movement, fresh air, healthy sleep.Usually sanatorium establishments located in a green corner of nature, near the springs, peat, ponds and coniferous forests.

This is a wonderful way to relax, rejuvenate, eliminate sickness.Choosing a resort does not need to go far - not for t

he oceans and seas are resorts.One of them is located in the Republic of Belarus (Rogachev).

Sanatorium "Dnieper" is famous for?

The location of its almost perfect: close to transport interchanges, and around pure nature in pristine beauty.Industrial giants close is not observed, but it is possible to admire the Dnieper, forest, water meadows, breathe fresh air and a walk in the pleasure of numerous paths and alleys - a miracle offers Belarus.

Sanatorium "Dnieper" - the famous mud-bath and climatic health resort near the town of Rogachev, not far from the regional center - Gomel.More than fifty years ago there were discovered sources of healing mineral water with sodium chloride and calcium sulfate compound.Then it was discovered the healing properties of the local mud freshwater lake.

sapropelic mud become one of the major therapeutic treatments, as their medicinal properties were almost miraculous.Mud cure vacationers from many ailments, and are used in different variations, including elektrogryaz and tampons.

geographical location of the institution adds another healing factor - climate.Amazing neighborhood Dnieper River, forests and water meadows, as well as soft natural conditions make the resort more and climate.Air and sunbathing is not only accompanied by a pleasant walk, but also have a therapeutic effect.

What is treated?

Each resort is endowed with a certain specialization, and it has a sanatorium "Dnieper".Belarus takes vacationers diseases:

  • musculoskeletal system;
  • peripheral nervous system;
  • inflammation of urogenital organs of both men and women.

Said diseases are profiled.However, the diversity of natural and climatic conditions allows health workers resort to assign courses of treatment for the gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory diseases.

here and Medical nutrition.Spacious room offers vacationers a different menu with healthy and nutritious foods, as well as handling "theme" days: fish, milk, fruit and vegetable.

dining utensils and equipment fully comply with sanitary and technological requirements, and the use of local mineral beverages promotes good healthy appetite.

infrastructure for people

Despite the fact that the founder of institutions was still Soviet Belarus, sanatorium "Dnieper" - a modern resort.Numbers of different "stardom", medical equipment, infrastructure and qualified personnel create a remarkable fusion of medical and spa facilities.

Visitors can here and improve their health, and rest comfortably.On the territory of the establishment has areas for recreation, able to order exciting excursions and trips, shuttle to station is provided.

Infrastructure includes the usual bank terminal, a currency exchange, kiosks, printed matter, children's playground, a hairdresser, sports facilities, bar, billiards, hire point.

Reviews: sanatorium "Dnieper"

Belarus - hospitable host country not only locals, but also tourists from other countries.However, judging from the reviews, not all are happy with - to keep something from the Soviet service.

Some vacationers criticized for poor nutrition, but others spoke positively about the menu.Some people did not like that in the next case under renovation.About rooms opinions are divided: for someone enough having a minimum, someone is unhappy with the simplicity of decoration and furnishings.

There were also complaints about the behavior of the staff, but accolades for this issue much more.The special impression on tourists produces natural surroundings, clean and charming.In one clash between almost all - the price of the permit is consistent with the quality of services provided.