Hotel "Yunost" (St. Petersburg).

St. Petersburg as one of the most beautiful cities in Russia, traditionally attracts thousands of people from all over the country and beyond.Tourists from different countries visit it at any time of the year.His city has to offer guests accommodation at all levels and at different purse.This four-five star hotels in the historic parts of the city, and it is a small hostel with affordable prices, to stay in the pocket of which even the student.One of these places is quite affordable - hotel "Yunost" (St. Petersburg).

Location places

Hotel "Yunost" (St. Petersburg) is located in the Admiralty district of the northern capital (one of the key).It is surrounded by many architectural monuments nearby, on the square Strikes are Narva Triumphal Arch - one of the most beautiful buildings, built in the XIX century.They are a symbol of the victory of the Russian army and the people of Napoleonic France.Near the Palace of Culture.Gorky, the walls of which are the best creative groups with theater and musical

productions.Here you can see the most famous artists of Russia.Shoppers will be interested to visit a large department of St. Petersburg "Kirov" and a number of shopping malls (Galleria 1814, Center for firm trade).In this area, you can eat in the many restaurants, cafes and bars, is also a branch of "McDonald's".Distance from the city center - 3 kilometers.In walking distance is the metro station "Narva".From her just 15 minutes to reach the center.

address and contact information

Hotel "Yunost" (St. Petersburg) is located near the historic center of the street in the building Paper 7. Postal code - 190020. The necessary information about the availability or cost of living can be learned by phone 8- (812) or -252-25-45 8- (812) -252-74-13 (8- fax (812) -252-25-45).

Room categories

Hotel "Yunost" (St. Petersburg) refers to economy class, though its walls can comfortably accommodate up to 200 people in 79 rooms (on one night, and thelonger).Standard rooms (double and triple) have a block structure and can accommodate 167 guests.Each room is equipped with a wardrobe, bed, bedside tables, desks and chairs.Facilities designed for a block of four rooms.Rooms with extra comfort include 22 beds, in the rest of the device is similar to the standard offer.25 people can sleep more comfortably in the junior suite: it added a TV and refrigerator.In addition, the room has a private bathroom, including a shower and toilet.On four beds designed two-room suite, equipped according to modern standards.Additionally, breakfast can be served for groups.Moving with pets is not allowed.

Additional services

people of different incomes come to St. Petersburg.Hotel "Youth" has to offer everything necessary for guests of the northern capital.Check-in takes place from 14.00, you must vacate the premises until 12.00.Except the rooms, there is a restaurant-cafe with very reasonable prices, in a cozy setting where you can have breakfast decent.Residents may, if necessary, for a fee, make use of a conference room, accommodating 30 people, if you want to hold a meeting or seminar.Not the hotel there is also a sauna.


feature of the institution is that the hotel "Youth" (St. Petersburg) is a training ground for the division GBOU ACT "College of Tourism and Hotel service."That is to service the guests are allowed off-qualified personnel, so be prepared for some misunderstandings and sluggishness.This should not scare as the students acted as junior staff, that is, works as a maid and assistant manager on duty.

Guest reviews

Arriving at such a historically interesting and beautiful place, you want to keep the mood of the whole period of stay.Of course, the easiest way to do this in a chic interior "star" hotels, but the luxury is not always money.Therefore it is necessary to seek more affordable options, so to speak, on the pocket.You have to understand that you can not count on the amenities and quality service in a hotel of economy class, especially if some of the staff just learning.Although it is quite a good option for students or state employees who came to St. Petersburg.Hotel "Youth", which suggests the photo is quite convenient location and scenic beauty of the surrounding buildings, is consistent with the declared quality, as evidenced by reviews of guests.They note quite comfortable rooms, furnished with all the necessary, and carefully service students who have a lack of experience is replaced by the zeal to work.In addition, there has recently been repaired, which also positively influenced the appearance.

Pros and cons of residence

St. Petersburg, as a self-proclaimed northern capital of Russia and one of the largest Russian cities, can not boast of low prices for accommodation for visitors.Therefore, many people who want to join the historical sights of the lack of funds stops on a trip to St. Petersburg.Hotel "Youth", characterized by low prices, to offer very comfortable accommodation for everyone.Another undoubted advantage of places - its location.The proximity of most of the historical sites and attractions, major stores and the subway station is an advantage.

The disadvantage is still not the most comfortable - the lack of a refrigerator, a TV and a bathroom in the standard rooms that make up the lion's share of other categories of rooms, making the hotel is more like that in the hostel.But we should not forget that the institution belongs to the economy class, so ask for more in terms of convenience is difficult.

Read dignity or be considered a disadvantage of the fact that in the service of guests participating students to solve difficult.Of course, lack of experience can lead to some mishaps, but young people can see all the zeal to work and respect for the living, that completely covers some inconvenience.

Thus, one in a decent hotel chain establishments such cities as St. Petersburg - hotel "Youth".Reviews of her work although opinions differ scatter, still talking about quite acceptable quality of service and the availability of all necessary for a short stay.