Most motels of Russia.

Health - is the main component of human life.Agree, it is very much a key to our mood, success, and even happiness.Only sometimes we did to him, and attentive - constantly in a hurry somewhere, nervous, consider ourselves strong and able to move on his feet any disease, with our good body obediently performs every whim.At some point, any patience comes to an end, and we will in time begin to understand the concepts of "emotional burnout", "depression", "chronic illness."

perfect assistant in the prevention of such frightening diagnosis remains the same treatment at the health resorts of Russia.Most motels Russian help prevent a huge number of different diseases, health promotion.And, of course, they provide an opportunity for a good rest.In this article we consider the best motels of Russia.We have compiled a rating of six most popular of them.

place №6: «Blue Wave»

Closes rating of the best resorts Russia is this place.It was founded in 1965. The last renovation took place in 2006. In this area

of ​​the sanatorium is 10 hectares.The resort is located in the resort of regional importance (in Arkhipo-Osipovka).

restaurant takes care of adults and parents with kids at least 4 years.

reading the reviews, you can see that many people are attracted created chetyrehrazovoe baby food, diet menus, 3 meals, customized menus, buffet.

Cost: from 4100 thousand. / Day.

place №5: sanatorium "Assa»

continue to view the best motels of Russia.The rating also includes the sanatorium "Assa", located 180 kilometers from Ufa, in the valley of the river Inzer, which is surrounded by wooded slopes of the famous Ural Mountains.In Moscow, at the forum "Health Resort-2005", this institution has received the gold medal for "Best Project of the sanatorium."

where the main factor is the natural mineral water is of two types: low-mineralized calcium-sodium sulfate-chloride mineral, used for drinking, as well as the highly mineralized sodium chloride water, which is perfect for bathing.These features differ only in the best health resorts of Russia.Rating Russian sanatoriums and therefore includes "Assa".

The climate is continental.The volume of precipitation of about 550 millimeters per year at a relative humidity - 60%.Landscape - a mountain-taiga beautiful terrain with deciduous and coniferous forests.

Reviews of the institution say that resort harsh winds protected by the mountains, therefore the winter frosts are transported easily, and treatment can take place throughout the year.

Price: from 3200 thousand. / Day.

place №4: sanatorium "Sol-Iletsk»

continue to evaluate the best motels of Russia.Rating can not do without "Sol-Iletsk."There is carried out the treatment of chronic diseases, as well as follow-up care after a number of serious diseases, the restoration of the health of pregnant women, babies, infertility treatment.

In addition, there treat musculoskeletal diseases (arthritis, low back pain, the consequences of not overgrown long fractures), chronic inflammation, a lot of women's diseases, low immunity, bronchopulmonary diseases, various skin diseases, cerebral palsy.Sanatorium for rehabilitation also takes patients with stroke and heart disease.

Reading the reviews of this sanatorium, you can see that it is based on the field of natural therapeutic factors: mineral water lake.The collapse and mud lake.Tuzluchnoe.

Price: from 2900 thousand. / Day.

place №3: sanatorium "Foros»

resort located on the territory of the stunning relic park on the Black Sea coast, away from the bustle and noise of the city than can boast only the best resorts of Russia, the rating of which includes "Foros".Huge park creates a sense of privacy that has a positive impact on health.Body of the fourteen-year-round resort is ready to accommodate a huge number of those wishing to improve their health and medical treatment.

reviews about this sanatorium say that the infrastructure and equipment contribute to the success of the sanatorium treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, nervous system, and metabolic disorders.

Price: from 3200 thousand. / Day.

place №2: sanatorium "Taraskul»

Sanatorium "Taraskul" - a health resort of national significance, operating near the main town of the whole of the Tyumen region on the shores of a picturesque lake in a clean area with amazing conditions for climate.

The resort is the treatment of diseases of the heart, nervous system, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal system, in addition, gynecological diseases.In addition, the rehabilitation of patients after myocardial infarction.

visitors of the institution, judging by the reviews, in addition to the excellent opportunities for treatment and prevention of the conditions listed above, and also like the possibility to accommodate them.They are provided with a 2-bed room (balcony, bathroom, telephone), 1 double room (balcony, bathroom, refrigerator, TV, telephone), two-room family suite (separate bathroom, two balconies, refrigerator, TV, etc.).

Cost: from 4300 thousand. / Day.

place №1: sanatorium "Pine Forest»

Opens a list of the best resorts Russia "Pine Forest", which is located on the coast of the river.Iset, near Yalutorovsk - historic gem Russian towns.Transparent boron silence, clean air and singing nightingale allow you to feel the impact of a miracle of nature.This sanatorium green area is 30 hectares.

For medical factors here include mineral iodine-bromine sodium chloride water, which here comes from wells located at a depth of 1378 m in addition, open source with a large pool - here the water temperature is + 36 ° C.

reviews about this sanatorium said that the institution specializes in treating diseases of the skin, heart, mouth, respiratory, musculoskeletal system, as well as exogenous constitutional obesity.

Price: 3,500 thousand. / Day.

Health of the Russian Federation Russia: prices, reviews

reading reviews about local health centers, we can see that many of them provide guests with high-quality treatment of various diseases, their prevention, as well as a good level of service.The negative reviews are for the most part to the high cost of the holiday.