The best places of Saint-Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of the most popular cities in Russia, where many tourists like to come from other cities and countries.The city has a large number of monuments of ancient architecture, museums, beautiful sculptures and a wonderful places that are sure to be seeing.

Everyone who comes to this city, faced with the question of where to go to St. Petersburg for a few days.The answer is clearly difficult, because many people have different tastes, for example, one popular monuments, while others simply want to see the gallery and various museums.In addition, visits to places of interest is impossible in bad weather or in winter.For a couple of days to see the whole of St. Petersburg and were satisfied by visiting the city, below is a list of the best places.

All the tourists who first came to this city, must visit the Hermitage.He is the hallmark of the city and can no longer be found in the world.That's where you can see the Madonna and Child, Knight and George Hall and many other great congregatio

n of people of different ages.Overview of all rooms can take several days, so it is best to go there in the morning.

second place, where you want to be sure to go is St. Isaac's Cathedral.From itself it represents a unique architectural monument, which impresses with its size.Because of its colonnade, you can see the city center from the bird's-eye view.

Also be sure to visit Peterhof, where the entire territory there are several beautiful fountains.It is best to go from May to September, as it was during this period of the fountains work.In addition, there there are several museums and landscaped parks that surprise with their beauty.

Around 1:30 in the morning, be sure to go to the Palace Embankment, to see not only the white nights, but extendable bridge.At this time, many small ships gather in the middle of the Neva River, to cross the bridge.At this time, dozens of tourists going to the promenade, live music and circus.

One of the attractions is the Peter and Paul Cathedral.To see it completely no need to go inside.Its main noteworthy is the fact that there are graves of Peter I and Nicholas II.Also in the fortress courtyard it is monetary, the prison museum and an exhibition of medieval torture instruments.

summer you can take a ride on ships offshore or visit the sights of the sea: the cruiser Aurora, the Maritime Museum or the icebreaker Krasin.With limited time, you can just walk along the Promenade des Anglais and see how the summer seagoing ships.