Kinzelyuk Waterfall, Krasnoyarsk Territory (photo).

Kinzelyuk Waterfall - Treasure of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.It is the highest waterfall in Russia, because its height is about 400 meters.Located in the Central Falls in Kinzelyukskom Sayan Ridge, which was previously considered inaccessible to humans.To reach it from Krasnoyarsk, you need to fly a helicopter in the south-east 500 kilometers.However, this method of movement at the moment is very expensive - about 80,000 rubles per hour of flight.And the movement of the helicopter did not give the bitter experience of the trip on Kinzelyuk Waterfall.

This place is a national treasure and pride, not only residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, but the whole of Russia.This primeval beauty, is the unity of man and nature is not easy to find in our technological age!Everything has been designed to relax people who want to be alone with nature.

Kinzelyuk Waterfall.How to get from Krasnoyarsk?

In the mid 40-ies were carried out two expeditions to Kinzelyuksky Ridge biologist AAFedorov and surveyor GAFedo

seyev, who were able to get to the waterfall, using pack horses.Their scientific expedition lasted three weeks.

But since 2012 trip Kinzelyuk Waterfall can be spent in a more comfortable and much faster.So, OOO "Sayanych" provides the opportunity to relax on the basis of "Summer Agul" with a tour of the Kinzelyuk Waterfall and the surrounding area.Rest periods - for two weeks from June to August.Vacationers can themselves choose how to travel from Krasnoyarsk to recreation: a waterway or by helicopter.

There are other ways to see Kinzelyuk Waterfall.For example, you can get there by bus from Krasnoyarsk to the village Stepanovka, which is Irbeysky District.Time on the road - four hours.Then transfer to a GAZ-66 and accessible from the village of Belogoriya to recreation.This leg of the journey takes 5-6 hours.The camp is located on the banks of the river Angul, after a short rest will be coaching and preparation for shipment to Central Sayan on water transport.

While there is preparation for further journey, you can go to the bathhouse, fishing.Vacationers live in comfortable cabins with private facilities.The price includes dry rations and hot meals throughout the tour route.Guided group supplied with certain gear: backpacks, tents, flashlights, gas burners, sleeping bags, as well as waders, rods and tackle.

Kinzelyuk Waterfall.Route

After resting and preparing together with experienced instructors on the ship sea transport is put forward to the waterfall first group from the "river Angul - Small Tagul - Orzagay - a waterfall."The entire path consists of a body of water 140 km and 7 km of walking speed.Upon arrival to the waterfall you can walk to the glacier also Kusurgasheva or Bear Lake.The travel time depends on the willingness and the group may be from three to fifteen days.The return trip takes the same route by which traveled to the waterfall.

Some campers, if they wish, may themselves alloy catamaran to get back to the recreation center.

Kinzelyuk Waterfall Hike on - it's not the whole program for the rest.In addition to trips to the recreational areas in the program included the removal of the video in the high quality of all the moments of the campaign, with interviews from each participant.Before leaving home every vacationer is given to the disc with the recording of the video.

Cost of the permit and the formation of tour groups

price tickets per person - from 32-50 thousand rubles, depending on whether transport, air or water, to get to the destination.For children and teenagers from 12 to 15 years a discount of 50%, taking into account that they are accompanied by a parent.

On Kinzelyuk Waterfall (Krasnoyarsk region) throughout the season (June - August) formed several batches of tourists: 10 groups of 9-10 people with delivery to the base camp on the water and 7 to 24 vacationers with delivery by air helicopter Mi-8.

Rest in taiga

Many people ask: "On Kinzelyuk Waterfall how to get?And why is it necessary?After all, you can relax in the summer anywhere near the sea! ".On the first question has already been answered.As for the second, then just as there is nothing strange when people are drawn to places where previously untouched by human hands, which has reserved places in the form in which they were created by nature thousands, or even tens of thousands of years ago.At sea, each at least a few times in my life been so.But not everyone is lucky person to be the lucky ones who can boast that he had been on holiday in this amazing place called Kinzelyuk Waterfall.

The trip to the falls will have a lot of impressions.At first, the trip goes through wild and uninhabited places, and secondly, this area is under state protection, and third, to get to the waterfall can be on the water only two summer months when the river edge filled with melting water from mountain glaciers.In August, the water level drops sharply, and so is until next year.

Upon arrival to the base camp can be a bit of a rest in cozy cabins with private facilities, go relax in the Russian bath or fishing run, and so on.A couple of days begin training and instruction on the hike to the waterfall and other outlandish places Kinzelyukskogo range.The most important training - morale, as it is necessary to plunge into the world without electricity, comfort and civilization.Some people are pampered this is simply not ready.

hike through the taiga

In preparation for the campaign should pay attention to the fact that "food in the forest is never too much" since thanks to physical stress and a lot of positive emotions spent a lot of calories, and there is the fresh and cleanair wants stronger and more frequent than at home or in another some place.Also included should bring warm, dry change of clothes.

During the tour there with travelers experienced instructor - the conductor, ensuring the safety in the way of the route.

Taiga beauty

Reaching the waterfall, made photos and video footage of the surrounding landscape, you can optionally visit the Bear and spinal lakes where lake trout is found, or climb the Kinzelyuksky circus, where the ice pond.Such natural beauty sure to capture on camera.Kinzelyuk Waterfall, a photo of which are presented in the article, conquers imagination, calms the soul and calms the nerves.

Basically the journey passes through the water.About 140 kilometers is necessary to go by boat from the recreation center and 7 km walk to the waterfall.But around the falls many amazing places to visit and also want to capture both the memory and the digital camera.And such the heavenly places so that the tourists do not have enough batteries and accumulators in order to fix all.Therefore, we recommend to stock up before going chargers based on solar and wind battery.

Some parts of the tour

To get to those or other places often have to go roundabout routes as direct access is impossible because of waterlogging and obstruction of certain territories.For example, to reach the ridge of the lake, you must walk past Bear Lake and the lake ridge, which is 10 kilometers.

Also along the route there are sandbanks, pits and steep banks.Thus, the campaign to Kinzelyuk Waterfall associated with severe physical and moral load.Therefore, eco-tourists, who have problems with the heart and pressure, it is best to refrain from this type of holiday.

Upon arrival at the endpoint before climbing the waterfall and the lake to the glacier broken camp, from which can then be sent not only to the waterfall, but also in other places Kinzelyukskogo range.

camp a few days winding down, and a group in the same way by which came returned back to base.

Advantages and disadvantages of air tours

to the waterfall can be reached much faster and more convenient than going on foot step or motor boats.It is possible to fly by helicopter directly to the spinal lake where the tent transshipment base, which then begins the ascent to the waterfall and other places.Also, by air transport, you can safely throw all the necessary things to the place of direct ascent.Thereby saving time and effort it takes to pedestrian and water trip.

However, when you go to motorboats can be impressed by the passage of the rapids.In a way, tourists often stop to fishing, set up camp under the stars is fried fish, singing songs and live a few days in the open air in the middle of pristine nature.And even if such a path is heavy, but the rest is obtained simply magnificent!

Communication between man and nature

Naturally, this pastime - not for everyone, but for those who are keenly feeling of oneness with everything around.This type of recreation recreational affects both the body and the human soul.And there is no sea, beaches full of sunbathers people will not be able to stir the human gut as these places in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.