Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg, address, photos

Among the most famous attractions of the cultural heritage of St. Petersburg occupies a special place Yusupov Palace.The structure is well-known not only for its exquisite architectural forms, but also the rich history of both the building and its owners.It is certainly worth a visit, even if you are just passing through town.

Monument of special importance

Currently, the palace is listed in the register of protected buildings as a monument of federal importance.Visit to the Yusupov Palace allows exactly to imagine not only the grand interiors of the time, but even the master suite.Preserved in its original form as a home theater and exhibition halls, in which a rich assortment of works of art.Every thing is of particular value.Keepers of the museum watching closely his every area.

Thanks to the external architectural splendor of the building, as well as a rich interior, the palace, and today is widely used for a variety of special occasions, such as meetings of foreign guests and meetings.

Throughout its history, the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg met many distinguished guests, ranging from kings to large foreign leaders in politics.Home theater hosted many famous singers, actors and musicians.

history Palace history Palace

rooted in the XVIII century, when on the banks of the Moika River estate was built niece of Peter the Great - Praskovya Ivanovna.After a while, the owner of the castle decided to donate his Semenov regiment, which used the building until 1742, after which the palace stepped into the possession of Count Shuvalov.

Soon, the son of Count, joining the right of inheritance, has started a major reconstruction and reconstruction of the building in accordance with its vision, taking into account current fashion and architectural trends of the time.In accordance with the project involves the construction of a new building just above the river embankment.The architect was chosen eminent French master JB Vallin de la Mothe.In 1770, construction was started, was laid the first stone.


architectural appearance of a new palace was very different from the present: on the sides was one floor lower entrance to the palace was carried out of the yard.The only thing that remained unchanged since that time - a triumphal arch and a high fence with a colonnade.

In 1830, the palace complex has bought Boris Yusupov.From that time until the October Revolution, the palace hosts were exclusively representatives of the Yusupov.This fact is reflected even in the name of the construction, which began to dignify it as "Yusupov Palace".Actually, at that time the empire Yusupov includes more than 50 palaces around the country.

At the end of the XIX century Felix Yusupov Palace modernized: it was electricity, central water supply, heating and sewerage system appeared.Also defeated was a beautiful winter garden, under the leadership of the eminent architect of the time B. Simon.

Home theater also underwent reconstruction stage and increasing the number of seats.There was a gallery, living room and dining room.The murder of Rasputin

in December 1916 was a significant event, which brought worldwide fame palace, namely the murder of Rasputin.The group of conspirators, which included the addition of F. Yusupov and other princes, decided to kill Rasputin, because people believed that it will benefit Russia.

in an attack Rasputin died prince went into exile, and the Yusupov Palace was seized.The incident became the basis for many films and books, and up to now many researchers are studying details of the incident.

history after 1917

After the October Revolution all private possessions were confiscated, and the Yusupov Palace did not escape this fate.In 1919 it was nationalized and converted into a museum dedicated to the life of the nobility.A special place is an exhibition devoted to works of art from the private collection of Prince Yusupov and his family.

In 1925, the museum was closed, and all the values ​​and art transferred to other exhibitions.A number of very unique exhibits had been lost and not found until now.The building was converted into a home teacher.On the one hand, it helped to avoid the construction of barbaric exploitation and preserve the interior in a relatively good condition.In 1935 the complex was listed in the register of protected objects of cultural and historical heritage of the past.

During World War II the building was badly damaged by enemy air raids and was partially destroyed.Immediately after the war started its restoration.

scale museum

To date, the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg is open to all comers.Here are regularly held group and individual tours.Visitors are available not only for ceremonial and living rooms, and theater, bedrooms and other areas of interest.The palace is constantly arranged a variety of activities, including concerts and theater performances.From time to time pass and various cultural exhibitions.

It also operates a historical exhibition dedicated to the murder of Rasputin.

Pedigree Yusupov Yusupov

Genus has its roots far back in time.The first mentions of it date back to X century, during the creation of the Baghdad Caliphate.

East Prince Ile-Murza, the son of Nogai Khan Syuyumbike, in 1563 arrived in Russia to Ivan the Terrible.Since then, Russia is home to the descendants of the great Yusuf.

grandson Ile-Murza brilliantly took part in the battle for Russia with multiple opponents.In 1681, he converted to Christianity, he called Dmitry and received the title of prince, and changed the name to Yusupov.His descendants occupied a notable place in the hierarchy of social class in Russia at that time.Family affairs went well, and by the beginning of the XX century in their possession were 50 estates and manors.Of particular significance was Yusupov Palace.Photos historic building can be seen in this article.

grandson Dmitri, named Felix, because of the death of his elder brother was heir to an enormous state, and the only possible successor of the legendary race.In 1914 he married the niece of Nicholas II.A year later a daughter was born.A year later the prince joined the gang of conspirators who want to Rasputin's death.

After the October Revolution the prince was forced to flee abroad, taking only a small part of their untold wealth.Later in life, he and acceded to the parents and family, lived in exile engaged in writing his memoirs.

Location and operation

Yusupov Palace is located on the waterfront district.Washers.The sequence number of the structure - 94. The doors of the museum open to the public every day from 11.00 to 17.00.Tours are conducted or experienced escort, or by using the audio guide.One day in the month of the palace is closed for sanitization, with the exception of the summer period.

Cash opens 15 minutes before the museum and is open until 17.00.All conditions for foreign tourists: you can choose a guide, talk in one of the major European languages.

The excursion devoted to conspiracy to murder Rasputin, you can participate every day.Now you know where the Yusupov Palace is located in St. Petersburg (address - Moika Embankment, 94).

Conversations with a guide go with an interval of one hour, starting at 11.00 and ending at 17.00.Visits with audio guide - without being tied to the session.Information telephone: +7 (812) 314-98-83.


ticket price is very democratic, for special groups set certain discounts.For example, students and minor children visit the museum will cost less than adults.The exact value depends on the chosen theme tours.

sure to visit the Yusupov Palace in St. Petersburg!Location (how to get - you know) tells of any citizen.Sightseeing tour will cost you 500 p., For the children will have to pay 280 rubles.The tour is about Rasputin 300 p., For children the ticket price - 150 rubles.You will love this place, especially if you love and honor the history of Russia.You can make unforgettable pictures inside the museum, but it will have to pay extra.

Peter - a beautiful city, which presents a lot of beautiful palaces and mansions.They come here not only to the inhabitants of our country, but also tourists from around the world.Yusupov Palace - a landmark, which comes in many sight seeing tours.Luxury and riches of St. Petersburg palaces affects everyone.You will admire the infinite seen and can not forget this place ever.