Griffins' tower in St. Petersburg - the most mysterious place

One of the most mysterious and amazing sights of Russia is the Tower of griffins in St. Petersburg.Its singularity lies in the fact that this place is not in any tourist guide, and not all residents are aware of it.There are other names - digital or Tower optimist.It is also contradictory and opinions on this attractions someone is trying to visit her again, as in others, it strikes fear.

Grifonova tower in St. Petersburg - a description of a mysterious place.

Vasilyevsky Island is famous not only Cabinet of Curiosities.Here, in the "Quarter of Apothecaries", there is also a mysterious tower.The uniqueness of this place lies in its mysterious atmosphere of mystery, based on various conjectures and legends.Located brick tower in the yard pharmacy Pel and his sons.The height of the building up to 11 meters and a diameter of 2 meters.The structure has no doors or windows, and almost all the bricks are numbered.

history of the emergence and transformation into a legend.

legend about the formation o

f the tower dates back to the construction of a pharmacy in the area in 1730.From the very beginning it was a pharmaceutical institution in the department has also workshops for the manufacture of drugs.The remaining unoccupied rooms in the house surrendered lodgers.While in the neighborhood lived Dr. William Poel, engaged Pharmacy Services business.Free time, as the one of the legends, he devoted breed gryphons that flew at night under the skies of St. Petersburg, frightening its inhabitants.It was believed that these formidable, but being faithful to protect the laboratory doctor from prying eyes and carefully guarding the secrets of the least mystical "forge happiness."

Another story is based on the fact that during the Great Patriotic War, this building was a bomb shelter, which serves as the entrance to the Tower of griffins in St. Petersburg.The legend that William Poel, working in his laboratory, has managed to create a substance, developing mercury in gold is also not confirmed.

Perhaps the most plausible version is that the doctor built a lab to practice alchemy.A mysterious pipe designed for a variety of experiments.

In fact, there are so many rumors and stories devoted to such wonderful attractions as the Tower of griffins in St. Petersburg, it is difficult to figure out, what is real and what is narrated from the untrue.

mystical power of "Quarter Apothecary┬╗

Among the residents of St. Petersburg are also legends that quiet and mysterious place on Vasilyevsky Island radically changes the lives of everyone who found themselves there.Some people suddenly became rich, while others went up a career, and someone starting a family.For example, one of the residents of the tower in 1853 was Karl Fedorovich Siemens.And after a while it suffered luck, he contributed to the foundation of Russia's electrical industry and was personally involved in the development of lighting Nevsky Prospekt.

Griffins' tower in St. Petersburg, and has helped such prominent Soviet leaders as Vladimir Ulyanov.In 1893 he played in one of the rooms of the building at a political meeting with a report on Marxism.In the future, as we know, he gained fame and made a lot for the Soviet Union.

There is a legend about a young boy named Peter.At an early age he became an orphan - his mother died from the beatings his father, who later got drunk under the cart.Peter desperately dreaming of a new home and a strong, close-knit family.One winter, the boy was in a drugstore quarter.He almost froze from the cold when he saw a gentleman and, perhaps, they have taken.He and his wife had no children, and soon became their son Peter.So it fulfilled a wish that the boy put forth into the cold winter night in the alley drugstore.

can cite quite a number of similar stories that show us how griffins tower in St. Petersburg has changed the lives of people in need of assistance, but only came here with good thoughts.

Tower griffins - "Monument egg┬╗

In May 1994, on top of the building there was a large cardboard egg in the nest, and the bricks were painted with numbers from 0 to 9. So famous tower griffins became a "monument to the egg."This event was connected with the upcoming holidays: Orthodox Easter and the Day of solidarity of all workers.The egg symbolizes the unity of all workers and different personalities.A numbered inventory of construction bricks meant that the artist wanted to perpetuate, as not all objects of art were made in the register.However, innovation is not stuck.Egg repeatedly disappeared, but it was restored again.This went on for quite a long time until the "symbol of unity" has not disappeared completely.

Riddle Digital Tower

Uniklnost this structure is that the numbering on its walls varies periodically.There is also a legend that in a certain period of time the numbers mysteriously add up to the code of happiness.And a person caught in this moment in front of the tower, it will come true innermost dreams.However, it is worth remembering that you need to make a wish, with only the most pure and good thoughts, otherwise you may incur the trouble.

amazing place - Tower griffins in St. Petersburg.How to get there.

Undoubtedly, everyone who has ever heard these fascinating stories, interesting to know where is the Tower of griffins in St. Petersburg.Location of this place is not listed in the tourist circuits.Travelers who wish to visit the attraction, will have to develop your own itinerary.To get to the tower can be as follows: from the metro station Vasileostrovskaya pass on the 7th line to lane Dnepropetrovsk.According to him - until the end, then turn left under the arch of the house number 30. But by the fall of the tower is difficult because the entrance to the yard is possible if the key to the intercom.There is another option - to wait until someone from the residents will miss you for this unique attractions.