Where to rest in June, the sea?

With the onset of the first warm summer days everyone appears holiday mood.And as soon as there is a reasonable question as to where to rest in June, the sea?Spa peak has not yet come.At the beginning of the first month of summer most beaches are free, and hotels have not yet raised prices.This is a great time to relax in the neighboring countries.But the choice should be with caution: it is necessary to take into account that not all resorts set perfect weather.The good news is that the most popular tourist destinations is still ready to receive guests.In June you can spend your vacation in Russia.

How to choose a place of rest?

warm and pleasant weather without the sweltering heat is in many countries.The only problem may be even cool water.If you are thinking about where to go for a vacation in May and June of the sea, it is best to start looking at countries that are just south of Turkey, for example, Cyprus and Egypt.In Turkey, the weather is not very hot, about 25 during the day and 18 at nig

ht, and the sea is warming up only by June.It is not a big problem for most tourists, as if not satisfied with the water temperature in the sea, it can be easily replaced by a swimming pool at the hotel.

For lovers of heat suitable to Vietnam, Bali, Morocco.The advantage of these trends is the cool and fresh air at this time of the year, which significantly mitigates the heat.Popular and Thailand, especially the eastern direction, but there are a lot of tourists.

In general, the closer the second month of summer, the less chances to get in bad weather, but the prices of most of the stages are increased in the 20s.If you decide where to relax in the middle of June to the sea, it had already fully "ripened" Turkey and Greece.Cost for tours is still quite low.

Popular countries for a beach holiday

majority of our fellow citizens are choosing only beach leisure activities, as there is nothing better than lying in a deck chair, enjoy the weather, with fresh fruit, some water to swim in the turquoise and see the sunset.Among the many destinations for a holiday in the first summer month it is possible to identify the main, become traditional for us: Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Israel and the Canary Islands.In these countries there is already a full-fledged holiday season, but the water is still not "fresh milk".The warmest sea - in Thailand, but from May to August is often rains, and in Egypt, but in July there is a strong heat.If you are unsure where you can relax by the sea in June, remember: the advantage of these countries is that there is a strong lack of air, the whole day, you can spend time outdoors in the sun.And if the water is chilly, pay attention to the infrastructure of hotels and pick a suitable option for you pool.In addition, there is the entertainment industry, from horse riding and ending with leisure yachting excursions.

Asian countries

Russian tourists there are entrenched stereotype that Asian rainy season in the summer months, so you should not come here.According to experts, if the region is marked probability of precipitation, and with the highest rate, in most cases does not mean that they will fall without interruption.Usually, it rains or early in the morning or in the evening, which brings a pleasant coolness.Counting where to rest at the beginning of June at the sea, note that in Thailand, Pattaya, Koh Lanta, Koh Phangan comfortable enough.The daytime temperature here is about 35 degrees, at night 28.Water temperature is also 28.The sea is in this period sometimes stormy, and the waves are formed which involve surfers.It is also the best time for windsurfing.And in Vietnam, the most comfortable temperature observed in the popular resorts of Nha Trang and Phan Thiet.Very hot and dry at this time and in Bali.

Europe and its beach resorts

Speaking of beach holiday here in the first place should be mentioned Montenegro, Spain and Greece.They attract not only for its mild climate, cozy and clean beaches, but also a rich history.If you pick the best place to relax at the beginning of June to the sea, these countries have something to offer you.There is a real summer weather, and their advantage is the ability to combine a beach and an active sightseeing holiday.If you like only the sea and sand, it is worth paying attention to Cyprus and Crete.By the way, according to some tourists from Italy - not the best place for beach recreation, in which it loses much of Spain.A large number of small pebble beaches has led many to look spacious, sand destinations, with developed infrastructure in other countries.If you are thinking where to rest at the end of June to the sea, avoid Rimini.This is a very popular resort mecca of German pensioners and Russian package tourists.Good hotels are not so much, and the whole experience the delights of Italian life difficult.However, if you like the sea, and certainly in Italy, should look for things to do in Sicily or Sardinia.

where not to go?

June vacation may not be the most pleasant in Croatia because of the strong cold wind, but the beginning of next month will be ideal for beach holidays.Also better to give up visits to African countries.It was at this time they are the most vulnerable to a violent heat, the temperature can reach 50 degrees.Of all the options of where to relax by the sea in June in Africa, the only exceptions are Morocco and Tunisia as well as Egypt.Despite the hot weather, the atmosphere here is quite tolerant and gets a huge advantage Sea warmed much better than the coast, such as the island of Crete or Italy.

Where to rest the whole family?

Opportunities for families with children a lot.It is best to spend your holiday in Montenegro.With school-age children is good to be in countries where developed sightseeing vacation.From very young it is best to go where warmed azure sea, is first of all Cyprus.Tenerife and Turkey, like older children, there are many possibilities for the organization of an interesting family holiday.A significant advantage is the close proximity of these countries to Russia, which will eliminate a long exhausting flight.With children, you can visit France and Germany, because there is the famous Disneyland.

June: where to rest at sea in Russia?

Over the past few years holiday in our country has become the level and quality of service is not worse than the European.In the first month of summer, despite the fact that the season has just begun, you can safely enjoy your vacation in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory.The best way to go here towards the end of the month because there is a possibility of cool rain, and cold currents are possible.Rest in Crimea is much cheaper than in other regions of the country, and the holiday held on the territory of Sevastopol and Yalta, definitely leave a positive experience.Crimea every year opens the season after the May holidays.The beaches of the peninsula are varied: the eastern and western parts of the famous wide sandy and south - pebble.

where in June to relax on the Black Sea?

Those who often spends holidays in the Krasnodar region, it is known that at the beginning of the season there is high temperature, so you can rely on all the conditions of a comfortable pastime.Relax on the beach, you can literally after day.It is very convenient that it is possible to regulate the conditions of life on their own, directly book a room in a hotel or at the base.Moreover, in high season seats are not so many, and in June, available to any type of accommodation.There are many websites where you can gather all the necessary information, view photos and get to know the conditions the price.When choosing a place of rest, remember that it is better to stay away from the city's beaches, because the water there is the reading.Prefer a quiet, remote boroughs.The best Gelendzhik and Anapa are considered areas.

Rest in Crimea

good weather in June is in many cities of the Crimea, especially in Sevastopol.Also favorable temperature regime can boast of Yevpatoria, Feodosia, Yalta, Alushta.Rest in Crimea is a lot of discussion.According to a survey from 4 to 14 April 2015, more than 60% of Russia's population find it very attractive for holidays.The question of whether the region to replace Turkey or Egypt, is very controversial.Most likely, such a comparison is inappropriate, since in each case has its own characteristics.If you are planning a holiday in Russia, then in June, where the rest of the sea, not in the Crimea?Very comfortable new measures to make the most attractive trip here.It's cheap, the organization of transport and a single ticket.


If you have already been to Egypt, Turkey, Spain, the rest in the resorts of Russia and you want something new, try a cruise travel.It is not only unusual, exotic form of recreation, but sometimes more economical.It is most commonly associated with us with a pleasant relaxation, great food, comfort, excursions and leisurely walks around the city.However, the cruise - it is also a unique opportunity to devote time to your health, do yourself.On board the ships of many modern fitness facilities, swimming pools, health center power and beauty salons.It is also a very romantic kind of holiday for couples.For example, a cruise to the Caribbean is the most popular.You will have to wait for a trip to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Aruba.Here, surprisingly relaxed atmosphere and fantastic nature.Choosing where to rest in June, the sea, keep in mind that in these regions is always very comfortable temperature of water and air.

Inexpensive vacation in June

most efficient direction for early summer vacation, Egypt, Cyprus and Tunisia.For example, in Cyprus in June temperature reaches 30 degrees and the water 25.This is a wonderful vacation for two lovers and families with children.Prices for this month is still very loyal, Cyprus hotels for the most part do not work in the format of "all inclusive", but rather a European-style "breakfast and dinner."The coast is filled with cafes and restaurants, so food is not a problem.

Where to rest in June, the sea?Choose Egypt.At that time he had not yet met the heat, because the hottest months - July and August.By the way, a dry climate and the sea breeze that blows constantly, allow transfer of even 40-degree heat is easy enough.In June, it will be very comfortable diving - the water temperature is 28 degrees.

But in Tunisia at this time is already really hot weather.It is believed that if you go here in the summer, be sure in June, because the rest of the summer heat is unbearable.Season at this time has not yet started, so you can enjoy the loyal prices and the lack of crowds.

Despite the fact that June is just the beginning of summer, many go to travel at this time, because a vacation at sea is always pleasant.