Ice skating rink in Gorky Park: photos and reviews

Central rink in Gorky Park - one of the largest in all of Europe structures of this type of artificial ice.Its area is 18 thousand square meters.During the last year for 4 months of work it was visited by about half a million people.

In most areas there are 4 points with family.There may be additional rent protective devices for children and give their skates sharpened.Ice skating rink in Gorky Park invites visitors on all days except Mondays.His time - from 10 am to 11 pm.There is a big break for technical updating and clearing of ice - from 3 to 5 pm.

This year, the rink has become a major design style pop art.This vivid images with irony that adorned the whole space.They were everywhere, starting with tickets and ending facades.Space pop-art paintings diluted images of Russian national culture.This is a whole new trend in art, whose mission - to awaken interest in popular culture.

Discos Ice

danced on the ice, even a huge sculpture in the center.This gigantic cube with the number of LEDs,

more than 30 thousand.Installation is set in the middle of Fountain Square is the heart of the rink.Most 3D-artists and animators realize their ideas and created a LED snowfall simulate fireworks explosions and small particles.Visitors can see the rink and other abstractions.

pleasant innovations at the rink

Once again transformed Gorky Park (Moscow): the rink got a new space.There was an additional platform for events.There was open figure skating school to hold classes among fans of ice.This year, the park introduced a sea of ​​surprises, including lessons for pair skating.Veli training included among the winners at the international level and the participants ice shows cities - Anastasia and Pavel Ivanov.

where there are a tasty snack at the rink

allocated specially equipped area with 4 houses, restaurants.There you can warm up by the fire.Also on the ice it was much cheaper snack provided.For this purpose were placed around the perimeter of machines with a variety of snacks, drinks, coffee and hot chocolate.Prices are in the range of 50 rubles.

Gift Shop

The last winter in Gorky Park worked as a new store.They sold all your favorite gloves with elastic bands, leg warmers, lights on skates, hoodies and various souvenirs.To get to the store can be directly from the rink or from the park.

offer for children and adults

Also last year for children opened a separate rink.For him to organize an additional entry point and a rental skates.The ticket price is 150 rubles for passage to the rink (Gorky Park).Exemptions were provided for the adults who came to the child - they have to pay 200-300 rubles.

very young skaters who first took to the ice, can take the help of Penguin duty.He was always in the park and teach kids the right skate.

Since this year began to work the service "First time on the ice," for which beginners can learn how to ride after only one session.The cost of such aid is 1000 rubles per hour classes.

Indoor ice rink in Gorky Park is open to all ages.Go on the ice and can elderly people.Seniors can ride for free on Tuesdays.

for players

hockey fans had prepared a special area.It can additionally be booked by phone.Cost of services amounted to 5 to 8 thousand.

What can be done at the rink

Gorky Park thought out a number of rules for visitors.Listed below are the most important ones:

  • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.
  • is forbidden to bring animals.
  • can not take to the rink bags and leave them on the boards (and other objects).
  • not be allowed on the rink with sledges and sticks.Ride only allowed to skate.
  • prohibited while riding to gain greater speed and interfere with other visitors.
  • right on the ice can not be snacking and drinking alcohol.
  • the rink, intended for children, allowed the offspring aged 3-12 years, that growth is not less than one meter and no higher than 1.5 meters. Children under 3 years can not be on the ice.Young fans of the ice at the age of 3-6 years of age should ride only with adults.


Rink in Gorky Park has already become popular and gain a large number of comments.Having been on the ice it is very welcome.Even experienced skaters respond well and talk about the benefits, including:

  • Opportunity to ride even at zero temperature due to the artificial turf.
  • Good quality ice.
  • huge area for skiing.
  • Good, condusive clearance.
  • Have a pleasant musical accompaniment.

People satisfied within the territory of the rink cafe and free tea opportunity for promotion.

pleases fans of walks and ice skate rental social, and the idea of ​​using a beginning.Many leave the rink only a favorable impression.All the fans to drive on ice invites Gorky Park skating rink, a photo of which are presented in this article.

Among the shortcomings noted:

  • Long queue for tickets.Many were half and never got to the rink.
  • purchased online tickets had also get the box office.
  • Paid parking is available.
  • the purchase of tickets and the return of collateral for horses worked the same fund, which would prolong the wait.

Useful information about the rink

  • Tickets can be ordered online by visiting the official site.Over time, the organizers promise to increase the number of banks to provide a comfortable shopping.
  • Skates prepared all sizes.From the very small to huge.
  • At the opening of the ice rink was organized by the whole idea.Worked clowns, who all entertained.
  • Compared with the previous year, the rink was opened 14 days earlier.In the new season on the ice it was presented to the guests dance area, a fountain area and a large bridge.
  • Visitors can indulge in complimentary tangerines that have been placed in the boxes are everywhere.
  • rink was prepared under the direction of Australia.For him, the soil is specially lined and carpeted its insulation.And on her left a refrigerant tube that keeps the temperature constant and did not let the ice melt, even at a temperature of 15 degrees.
  • At the rink there is a special area with one-way traffic for children and pensioners.
  • supported on the territory of the free Wi-Fi.
  • The next season will be opened free cross country trails.Guests who prefer skiing will also be able to please yourself.
  • held at the rink all holidays from New Year to Shrovetide.Those who do not know how to socialize can safely go to Gorky Park.

outdoor rink in Gorky Park is planned for the new season in November.Fans spend their free time on the ice will be happy again this winter.Guests will always be waiting for the presentation and the opportunity to spend time on the largest skating rink in Europe.Again will work cafes, a school of figure skating area for hockey, and others. The new design will delight visitors throughout the season.Here, everyone finds an outlet, and a great time.Visitors are welcome at any day of the week.