Finland - great place to relax

Seasons, replacing each other Finland change beyond recognition.Summer lasts about three months from June to August.Colorful golden autumn attracts huge number of tourists here and fallen snow opens the season of winter fun.

Finland is ideal for winter sports, participation in reindeer safaris and dog sledding, snowmobiling and ice fishing.Most ski areas of the country are located near aqua parks, and tourists can enjoy both the north frost and tropical oasis at the same time.

Lapland climate allows skiing until June.Summer in Lapland comes the polar day when the sun shines around the clock, and in the winter when the polar night reigns, it is possible to witness the aurora borealis.It is in the Lapland town of Payakyulya right on the Arctic Circle in their own village all year round Santa Claus lives.It has everything: a post office, where Santa receives children's letters, and souvenir shops and cozy cafes that tourists can relax at home, having come in from the cold.

Among the other most famous

tourist destinations in Finland can be called Linnanmäki Amusement Park, Suomenlinna Maritime Fortress and the Zoo on Korkeasaari Island, located in Helsinki;as well as water and health centers in the city of Imatra Research Centre "Eureka" in the city of Vantaa, and others. The main tourist sites take visitors all year round, but there is a seasonal place such as park Moomin near the town of Naantali, he receives visitorsOnly in the summer months.Here you can relax with the whole family, to see live characters well-known to you the books and to visit the places described in fairy tales about Moomin.By the way, according to the newspaper British Independent Newspaper Moomin World is among the ten best theme parks in the world.

From Finland you can take a cruise on the Baltic city on comfortable liners.Popular destinations - Stockholm and Tallinn.Such trips like how to make our countrymen and Finns.

The addition to the above prevlekaet tourists Finland?Trumps of this northern country - public security, stability, and of course the friendliness Finns pure nature.That is why the country is so well developed in the field of various kinds of leisure-related nature.