District is located between Kudepsta Khosta and Adler district of Sochi.Kudepsta a residential area.There's no night clubs and places of entertainment, which is good for families.Despite this relatively well-developed infrastructure: cafes, billiard, hairdressers, cheap market.Quiet, quiet, green neighborhood will suit lovers of quiet walks and solitude.Spend your vacation in the neighborhood Kudepsta, tourists can take advantage of all the attractions in Sochi and Adler, through the work of taxis and buses.Kudepsta considered environmentally clean area, thanks to some distance from the large Sochi.

Health and dispensaries Kudepsty offer spa treatments, mud.It also offers different types of baths.In Kudepste being treated for cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, various eating disorders.

pleasant atmosphere in the resort, unique treatment Kudepsty climate - not only will relieve you from diseases and stress.You will forget about worldliness barely exploring this place.This place is famous not onl

y treatment in its territory are several dostoprimechaetelnostey, a visit which is part of the mandatory program of excursions.In the upper reaches of the river are Kudepsty Vorontsov Caves.On the territory of the district is Kudepsta cult stone.This is a huge boulder, oriented to the cardinal.On the eastern side knocked out two seating.Behind them is sloping ground.Scientists suggest that this place of the deceased funeral medieval inhabitants of these places, although recent research suggests that the stone, it is likely to make a fire.Another attraction - a Temple of the Martyr Basilisk.According to legend, the ruler Agrippa ordered to cut off the head of Saint Basilisk, and his body thrown into the river.After the execution of Christians bought the relics of the saint and his memory is built the temple.

resort complex "Epron", located next to the boarding house "Burgas", invites you to enjoy the beauty of Kudepsty and spend unforgettable days of holiday in the cozy rooms.

ideal place for family relaxation.One of the best private hotels, located on the first line.Vacationers can enjoy the beach and the medical base pension "Burgas" surcharge.Delicious home cooking, well-groomed area hotel, adult and children's pool, proximity to the sea will make your holiday unforgettable.