Dubai Shopping Centers

Dubai has long been famous reputation beautiful places for shopping, eclipsing even stable markets such as New York and Hong Kong.Moreover, the emirate is now in the top three among the best cities for shopping.Dubai is chosen by tourists and buyers from around the world, and only in Dubai, you will find a variety of shops and shopping centers, each of which has its own 'twist' and shops - not the only thing there is to see.

Mall of the Emirates
Can you hit the 22,000 square meters of real snow in the middle of a hot summer?This is exactly what a shopping center Mall of the Emirates, because among this vast trade area is Ski Dubai, the Middle East is the only indoor ski park.It is intended for skiers of any level;there are green, blue, red and black slopes, as well as for those who are hungry and tired - cafeteria.On top of all this recently, Ski Dubai has become the new residence for emperor penguins and Arctic.Now park visitors can take part in an interactive program, "Friends of the Penguins" an

d close and communicate with these amazing animals.And for fun, which does not need to wear a hat, scarf and gloves, visit the cinema with 14 halls, rides or try the entertainment area Magic Planet.Magic Planet, probably one of the most bustling areas in the game indoors for the whole of Dubai, and thanks to the latest adventure games, and increases the level of adrenaline racing, it is also one of the most "cool".Zone Fashion Dome will not cease to amaze you a variety of designer brands under one roof.Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes, because the only shop in this part of the mall can take all day.And to add a little dramatic action is happening, to visit Dubai Community Theatre & amp;Arts Centre, which is also located on the territory of Mall of the Emirates.This two-story theater, which seats 550 people, hosts various performances, productions of world famous performances, and also training courses for adults and children.

Dubai Marina Mall
complex Dubai Marina Mall - this is an extremely convenient place for shopping, if you're staying at the Address Dubai, the whole hotel is connected to him direct transition.If you feel that this mall in Dubai is not put to any comparison with all the others, then pay attention to the fact that it has about 150 stores, for example, Juicy Couture, Balmain and the famous jewelery brand Damas.In addition to retail outlets is a cinema with 6 halls, featuring the latest news of cinema, as well as restaurants and cafes, which are very popular among the visitors of the shopping center.The most famous among them is the Italian cafe Carluccio's.It is important that the shopping center is located near the waterfront and the beach.Once you have made all the purchases, treat yourself to a stroll along the promenade The Walk -Jumeirah Beach Residence, which is located near the sea and where a beautiful view of the Gulf.