Tours in Newcastle, Australia

small and charming town of Newcastle is located on the east coast of Australia, which is bordered by the Tasman Sea.In New South Wales, this city - the second largest after Sydney, the distance to which Newcastle is 162 km.Tourists who choose to holiday in Australia in the New Year holidays, often staying in a quiet Newcastle, with a population of only 500 thousand people.If you wish to visit Sydney and other Australian cities easy.

Based near Newcastle Hunter River in 1804 as a colony, it originally served as a prison for criminals.There are still sinister dungeons, who now are visited by tourists.The rapid development of the city served as the mining of coal, a leader in the export of which is the name Australia.Daily from the port of Newcastle on the road out dozens of huge ships loaded with coal.

Watching harbor - one of the favorite pastimes of tourists.The famous lighthouse Nobby and embankments, the adjacent, with its many restaurants and bars - a popular area for walking.The subtropical clima

te and hot sun make Newcastle a great place for a beach holiday, some great beaches are close to the city center.Warm summers and relatively mild winters attract tourists all year round, and the waves attract surfers, who annually organize the Newcastle competition professional surfing.Vodafone Surfest collects a lot of Australians and many more tourists.

in the city except for a set of large and small parks for walking there are art galleries, theaters and concert halls.Activities in New Zealand in the spring, of course, beautiful, but fans of museum exhibits will like Newcastle.The history of the city can be traced in expositions Fort Scratchley located above the harbor, and the Maritime Centre.

Beyond the usual holiday destinations - shopping malls, restaurants and nightlife - in Newcastle, tourists can take a balloon flight over the sea or visit the bush to go sailing yacht to frolicking bevy of dolphins and great whales, and then be slowly taste popular localdrinks at the brewery and winery.Aviation history, which can be found in the center of the "World's fighters", complemented by a fascinating observation ups American fighters from the nearby base.

Location Newcastle allows tourists to travel not only in bustling Sydney and its famous landmarks, but in the rain virgin forests under protection of UNESCO.There are unique plants, mammals and birds, and the beauty of nature amazes rivers, waterfalls, prehistoric volcanoes and canyons.

striking landmark is the complex of Newcastle Honeysuckle - former shipyard, is now located where the mass of cozy restaurants and cafes.On the beach of Newcastle has a unique small pool called Gods Hole, it was cut into the rock in the 19th century for the mayor of the city.It definitely need to take a dip during the visit to the city.

Newcastle preserved historical buildings of the colonial era, which are designed in a traditional Victorian style, for example, the Customs Building, Christ Church Cathedral, railway station, post office, courthouse and fort Scratchley.Tours in Costa Rica, the prices are quite high, of course, are popular with travelers, but it is holiday in Newcastle can give an abundance of colorful and diverse experiences.Visit the city's attractions can be carried out on the famous tram Newcastle.