"Aspen is better can only be ... Aspen!"

The ski resort Snezh.Kom held a joint promotional campaign with the American jazz tour ski resort "Aspen - Snowmass."The girls from the cheerleading team, despite the freezing temperatures, the snow is almost melted their rousing dances!

American Aspen, Colorado is known around the world as the "American Switzerland".Colorado Mountain reliably protect a vast area of ​​the resort from moist ocean winds and because the snow here is excellent, not sticky and well slides, temperature -5 - 8 degrees Celsius, and the season from late October to mid-April!Many years as the Aspen - Snowmass chosen stars of world cinema and music, so apress ski in Aspen are considered to be the most glamorous winter party.If we add to the above, 520 kilometers of slopes equipped, rich entertainment program (fashion show, world championships, festivals), it becomes clear why in Russia Aspen is now gaining wide popularity.The socialite and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak decided to change his beloved France, and was conquered by the

picturesque slopes of Colorado.Last winter, she went back to the resort with the words: "It is better to Aspen can only be ... Aspen!".

Four ski areas, which combines resort, linked by a single ski pass with unlimited use of lifts.In the area of ​​the resort can be free to move the bus.On Christmas and New Year Aspen it becomes a real Christmas tale.Here you can wander through the enchanted paths paved with gold plates under the Christmas trees decorated by countless lanterns and garlands.

In Aspen there is no bad weather or bad mood, there is always a sense of anticipation of the holiday, the eve of something important in your life!Boutiques, restaurants, clubs - all here for every taste and different price demand.On New Year's and Christmas holidays you can order a romantic dinner or participate in general extravaganza.Ordinary Activities: husky and horse sledding, snowmobiling and spa treatments that are so fond of the Russians in Aspen can be supplemented by tours of the natural reserves of America in Glenwood Springs, or a trip to Denver.