Most Unusual Hotels of the World

Brazilian hotel Ariau Amazon Towers Lodge is unlikely to recommend to people who are afraid of heights.The thing is that the high-rise building, located on the banks of the Amazon, in some incomprehensible way, sandwiched between the canopy of huge trees.Down is best not to look because the ground - a few tens of meters.

customers to get their rooms for half swinging ladders and bridges, holding tight to the handrails.To encourage individual daredevils administration gives them officially confirmed documents which indicate the number of ups and downs.For example, hotels in Prague do not possess such information.The hotel consists of several towers.In this dazzling hotel often stop well-known politicians (including heads of state), the stars of show business and the oligarchs.
Of course, they did not scare serious prices.Service is quite adequate prices.Interiors are made in the ethnic style.The staff is fluent in several European languages.Varied cuisine, swimming pools and an internet cafe, which als

o soar above the great South American river.

And now direct our feet into the underground hotel in Australia.About 20 years ago in the town of Coober Pedy opened Desert Cave Hotel.It is still considered a bold innovation.However, it is designed for amateurs.And yet, in 40-degree heat, anyone will be happy to feel the pleasant coolness in just such underground apartment.19 rooms provide an opportunity for people who are tired of the heat, sleep and relax.And then you can eat and drink, read or surf the Internet.In general, we have something like a resort, where daily are not very strict.

Japanese inn Museum Benesse House is for aesthetes who wish to immerse themselves in harmony and silence.Projecting this oasis designers outdid themselves.Here there is a noble combination of steel, concrete, glass and stone.The extensive grounds decorated with stylish sculptural composition, samples of landscape architecture in a minimalist style.Tired workaholics who palled hotels in Phuket, the hotel has all conditions for comfortable pastime alone.Customers do not see hardly any of the staff, because the perfect service as is provided by itself.For a relaxing walk they offer secluded trails.Therefore, the relaxation takes place wonderful.