Where to go for a vacation?

planning a summer vacation, we often give preference to the Crimean coast.And this is not surprising, because this is where you can safely, practically at home, relax, eat familiar with the childhood of fruits and vegetables, visit the local attractions, enjoy both Ukrainian and Tatar delicacies, swim in the clear sea and relax on the beach.

Alushta.Beaches.General information

Most travelers want to come to Alushta and its surroundings.And this choice is not accidental: here, unlike many other resorts, you can enjoy sunbathing on the pebble beach, which, according to experts, is more useful to the body than, for example, sand.

Water in the area is excellent warming up, so to swim and relax in the open air, even with small children can be during the summer months, as well as in September and early October.

Beach Alushta (photo taken at different times of the year, testify to this) - a place of great beauty!Even the most seasoned traveler will discover not only the usual summer, but wonderful

winter landscapes.And in the fall is to come if only for the breathtaking views, when small stones lie still timid, but such variegated leaves.

Alushta.Beaches summer

First of all, it should be noted that the coastal strip in this fairly small resort town is one of the longest on the entire Crimean peninsula.It can be divided into several parts: the eastern, which locals call "vostochkoy" center provided by the waterfront, and Western, located in the Professors' Corner.By the way, note that the latter is very well known and under the old name - Working Area.

Central Quay, due to its proximity to most of the residential areas of the city, is considered the most frequented by both tourists and locals in any warm season, from late spring to mid-autumn.There are about a dozen well-equipped recreation areas, but you can get there only for an additional fee.

those who are tired of the hustle and huge crowds, it is recommended to go to the Professor's Corner.Do not worry, the road will not take too much time.From the city center in 15 minutes can be reached by foot or take advantage of the many rickshaws and electric vehicles.By the way, the bus station in Professorial corner often rides the trolley or taxi.

Alushta.Beaches.Questions of comfort and safety

Immediately, we note that the city of Alushta beaches provides two types: urban, entrance to which is considered to be free, and the recreation area various health centers, dispensaries and health centers.To get to the last only a pass, or pay a certain amount, usually up to 20 hryvnia.

beaches of Alushta, reviews which are actually one of the most enthusiastic in the Crimean peninsula, have an excellent reputation on several parameters.Firstly, they are supported by virtually cleanliness.Vacationing with a child, you can not worry about what he will find a cigarette butt in the sand or cut himself on the glass.Secondly, there are equipped and very spacious room for changing clothes.In addition, it must be noted that rescue workers working here throughout the daylight hours, not only will closely monitor the safety of your child, but you yourself are unlikely to climb into the water during a storm or bad weather.