Acapulco (Mexico) - a city that delights!

divine place where the very nature ordered to create a magnificent resort.Amazing corner of the Pacific Ocean attracts warm and clear water, clean beaches, emerald palm trees, turquoise lagoons, the hills, the sunshine and eternal summer.It's all Acapulco, Mexico.Today, this city is visited not only because of its unique wellness and recreational opportunities.Luxury villas, luxury hotels, fantastic restaurants, crowded nightclubs and casinos beckon those who are young in body and soul.

Acapulco (Mexico) is the aim of traveling million tourists annually.It is common to see pop stars, show business and cinema intention to hold peaceful holiday in paradise.High season is in December-January, when all the while keeping dry weather.Parasailing, scuba diving, fishing, water skiing - it's not all classes are available off the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Acapulco (photos prove it) - amazingly beautiful city.And let it not been preserved traces of the mysterious and ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations, t

here are many attractions.The Spaniards founded the future resort as a staging post on the way to Southeast Asia.In the old town you can still see the home once the Municipal Square Zocalo, the fortress of San Diego early eighteenth century.The fort now houses a historical museum with a dozen exhibition halls, a library and a cafe.Among the interesting buildings Acapulco temple occupies a special place Iglesia de la Catedral, built in 1930.It is a real mecca for lovers as a marriage made in the walls of the church, is doomed to success.The wedding is held here every Saturday throughout the year.

Acapulco (Mexico) breathes a rich cultural life.Fairs, concerts, exhibitions, seminars are regularly held in the Convention Center, which hosts several well-known theaters, unique museums, the garden of tropical plants and the area of ​​the Aztecs.The resort is the Chapel of Peace - an ancient castle on the highest mountain of Las Brisas.Next to him stands on the 42 meter cross that keeps Acapulco from harm, and under it - the observation deck.

Acapulco (hotels confirm this) - very hospitable city.Guests are welcomed here with open arms, with bread and salt.Places are available in different tastes and budgets.At the reception you can order unique excursions: hiking, land or water.The boat with a transparent bottom will take you to a grand zoo on the island of Roqueta.In the north-east of Acapulco, you can visit the archaeological zone of Palma Sola ritual center of the ancient peoples Jonas.A fabulous surprise Kakahuamilla cave underworld.

Entertainment from dawn to dusk promises tourists in Acapulco, Mexico.The city, which is always full of life and which never sleep, beckoning neon lights, rhythms and club zazyvno smoke.Show La Quebrada tickle nerves brave brave, and the aquatic center will help relieve the tension.And to celebrate New Year in this crazy city, you can never forget it!Walking along the wide avenues, you will sing the words of the incomparable hit Lima Vajkule "Acapulco, ay-ay-ay" and enjoy the sounds of the Spanish guitar.