Attractions suburbs: Reservoir Pirogovskoe

Where to go on the weekend to close to nature, and not far from the city?Many Muscovites choose Pirogov Reservoir - a nice big pond, the water area is included in the Klyazma.Picturesque beaches, magnificent expanse of water surface, the proximity to the capital city, beach and fishing spots attract holidaymakers who are tired of the noisy city.

on its shores Pirogov Reservoir has several recreation centers, the most popular of which is the "Bay of joy".It attracts people from all over the suburbs, because it has everything you need for a perfect holiday.The cozy gazebos, beach football or volleyball, excellent cuisine and a great many water attractions.Getting here is easy: from the metro station "Medvedkovo" bus service.

Pirogov Reservoir, which abounds card is ideal for family vacations and fishing, invites for the weekend.Overcoming twelve kilometers from Moscow, you will be able to breathe deeply clean air and swim in the clear waters, sunbathe on the beach or a picnic.

Pirogov Reservoir repr

esents a reservoir of approximately seven kilometers and an average width of one kilometer.Near the village Chivirevo located in areas of the Gulf of catchability places that attract fishermen.In this place (close to Pirogovo) body of water connected to the Klyazma.The complex bottom topography has led to what is found in the water column and peaceful fish, and predatory.Catch it can almost all fishing gear.With the float rod can hunt for perch, roach, bream, bream and other fish.However, like any suburban lake, biting is not always stable.Fishermen, of course, has its secrets that help them not to be left without a production any day.They carefully choose the bait, lure, that is harvested to the point of catching fish.It should be noted that the Pirogov reservoir is considered one of the best places in Moscow for catching bass.This predator found here in abundance, and there are very worthy specimens.In addition, the spinning from spring until late fall, you can catch walleye, pike and burbot.

There is another attraction, which boasts Pirogov Reservoir - the beach, or rather, the beaches, as on the banks of the pond are located as a private toll furnished space for sunbathing, and public and wild.There is already vacationers themselves choose what they like best: perfectly clean fine sand with a golden sheen, or rocky shore where you can stay friendly company.The reservoir has a large variety of water attractions and entertainment, playgrounds, rental boats, a yacht club.And yet there is a drinking fountains, showers, toilets, cafe, cozy cottages for overnight stays.

Camping allow escape from the dullness of everyday life, recharge your strength for work, filled with optimism and cheerfulness, bright impressions.After all, nothing is more comforting person as communion with Mother Nature face to face.