Bremen attractions and the city's history of successful businessmen

Map Nordic small point marked one of the richest, most developed and most successful German cities - Bremen.Things, of which there are many, are able to satisfy all requests of the most demanding tourist.Most of them are due to a variety of good geographical position of the German "Northern Palmyra" by which Bremen for centuries remained in the thick of historical events and has always been an important focus of political, scientific and cultural life.

Today, the tenth-largest German city with a population of 547,685 people is still very prosperous large industrial metropolis, where were located the factory automobile concern "Daimler" companies for the production of a variety of echo sounders, sonar systems, sonar, and the company is madehigh-tech space systems NVG.And that's not counting the numerous companies for the production of consumer goods.In general, the Bremen attractions which fully reflect all the stages of the historical development of the Hanseatic city, not for nothing gained fame "s

uccessful businessman".

Founded more Charlemagne 787th year as a bishopric, a few centuries later, Bremen became a free Hanseatic city of the same name and the center of the earth, in whose territory is included with it and Bremerskhafen.By the way, this public education is considered to be the oldest in the vast modern Germany.Soon the city became a major center of Catholic life in Northern Europe, thus earned the nickname of the North of Rome.

The 965-year Bremen attractions which a considerable part of his concern and to this historical period, has received the right to free commercial activity and a number of privileges to the merchants.From that moment, the rapid development of Bremen, which allowed him to soon gain fame "successful businessman".City conducted intensive activities not only in trade and economic sphere, but also in politics.In the sixteenth century, during the period of its greatest medieval development, Bremen accepts Protestantism and becomes a stronghold of the Reformation.

Association of German lands in 1871 is also included in the newly formed Empire and the "Northern Palmyra" with the status of a free city.Bremen remained so until the Nazis came to power.During the Third Reich the city played a key role in building up the military potential of the country.This is not surprising - while Bremen has been one of the most industrialized cities in Germany.From the port of Bremen shipyard was launched quite a few cruisers, destroyers and battleships, even including such monsters of war at sea, as "Koenig", "Crown Prince" and "Markgraf".

Bremen attractions which are still able to tell a lot of entertaining Industrial creators triumphs Admiral Raeder in the initial period of naval war, was badly damaged by Allied bombing shuttle aircraft and was occupied by American troops in 1945.And since 1947 the city became part of Germany.

And even today an updated and prosperous Bremen is a little bit away from the popular tourist routes, there is a huge number of historical, cultural and architectural monuments, which reflect the turbulent history of northern Europe and could cause a genuine interest in the most demanding and fastidious traveler.For example, it is traditional for the majority of ancient German cities ensemble Market Square, on which the spectacular monument to the beloved characters in the world fairy tale "The Bremen Town Musicians".There, to the right of the town hall, you can see the majestic horse monument, erected in honor of the "Iron Chancellor" Otto von Bismarck.

Attractions include Bremen and the shortest street of the city (about a hundred meters long) - BÑ‘ttenhershtrasse, in the sixteenth century, there were only seven houses.It is also necessary to mention the famous rhododendron park with a botanical museum and art gallery Kyunsthalle where art fans can witness a lot of paintings by Durer, and a large collection of Impressionist works by Max Beckmann.

truly exquisite and meticulous German service will delight any traveler city's numerous hotels.Bremen are always ready to provide for a review curious tourists its historic and artistic treasures, as well as provide them with maximum comfort.Here it is one of Europe's largest museums of natural history and ethnography.But Bremen is famous not only monuments of past eras.Here, from the year 2000 it made a very bold and very ambitious architectural project titled "Marine City", which will serve as a business district.

Another example of innovative architectural technologies - Research Center "Universe" that looks like a flying saucer.But inside it there are about two hundred and fifty of interactive exhibits that are dedicated to the evolution of the earth, man and the cosmos.The aim of the founders of the museum has been an unprecedented turn a boring science in an exciting adventure.Here you can find answers to many different questions, to experience the most extraordinary sensation of flight, weightless, dive.And lots of other experiments are available in this high place.