We're going to rest in Berdyansk!

Want to treatment and rest?Berdyansk - what you need!

known since the Soviet era, the resort can offer you not only a huge sandy beaches and clear sea, but also healing mud and spas.No wonder they come here, and the people of Ukraine and neighboring countries.There is an airport, but dormant.How to get to Berdyansk?Reviews say it is better to get here by train, because the planes fly only to Donetsk and Zaporizhia, and then have to go by bus, that heat can be quite difficult.The summers are dry, rain - a rarity, and the air is very suitable for people who have lung problems or bronchitis.The town is named after the river Byrd, who, falling into the sea, namyla famous plait with clean sand and water.There is a salty lake with brine, which treats the joints and soothes the nervous system.A different funny monuments - Ostap Bender, "Bullhead the feeder" and many others - will entertain those who will walk through the old town.

Rest in Berdyansk.Reviews

course, this resort has its drawbacks, bu

t even amateurs subcultures speak about it positively.For example, those who can not imagine vacation without nightclubs, recommend to settle in the city center, that is, in the lower parts, the local "City".This is closer to the places of all sorts of entertainment and noisy "balls", as well as near the bank, post office and other relevant locations.What else can offer Berdyansk?Comments visited people here claim that is uniquely suited for exploring the park Schmidt, the more that port room "Anchor", located nearby, is with holidaymakers in the first place rating in the category of "price-quality." Berdyansk.Reviews of tourists to the sea

dvadtsatikilometrovaya, leaving the open sea spit almost all occupied by health resorts, boarding houses and bases.If you have settled in the center, here you can take a bus or minibus, although there and boats.But it is much better to relax on the beach here than anywhere else in Berdyansk, especially in the so-called long-range Spit.That's where the real thalassotherapy!Beautiful views, stunning sunsets, well-groomed beaches and clear sea - all here.And people, even in the season quite a bit, and there's always an opportunity to see free space.The sea is very warming, as it is shallow and always warm.As for safety features, then it is useful to recall not only sunblock, but also that the "siesta" from noon until three or four days is best spent somewhere in the shade.

Berdyansk.Reviews of local cuisine and sights

in this city even more fans of barbecue should forget about meat.The fish - is the main pride of the local gourmets."Fish penthouse" on the street Schmidt won the praise that here, just like in Thailand, serving freshly caught and cooked seafood directly to you on a plate.This institution did not know what "frozen foods".But most of all taste the city will have lovers of wildlife.Dzennzik Islands, near the reserve Berdy ... Countless excursions invite you to see the island and these protected places where you can see so much amazing.There seemed no man has gone before, there is not frightened flock of birds flying - waders, swans, wild orchids bloom and grow rare plants.You can smell the nekoshenoy steppe and think that Rousseau was right when he declared his slogan - "back to nature".