Shopping in Greece: the competition Milan

When Milan, who, as we know, is not on the coast, dandies and ladies go to purchase, the Greek cities and towns that can compete with the Italian fashion capital.After all, there can combine shopping trips with the rest at the beach and interesting excursions.Shopping in Greece calm and sizes, as well as all the local way of life.Shops are open with a huge break for lunch (where it is called mesimeri).Small boutiques in the summer closes at 14.30, and only opened at 17.00.In winter operation is somewhat different: the siesta is reduced by an hour, but the shops are closed before.Greeks are known for their cool attitude to work.Therefore, some private shops on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays only until noon.And that's not all.Many shops, in addition to Sunday, closed on Saturday.

But almost always and everywhere possible to make a good shopping in Greece: Chalkidiki, Thessaloniki, the islands and, of course, the country's capital of Athens - the best examples.Every town has at least one street left

to the traders.Typically, these shopping areas are located in the city center.This Athens Ermou Street, in Thessaloniki - Tsimiski, in Rethymno - Arcadia.In addition, each densely populated area of ​​megacities have a supermarket chains «Ok», who are working without a break from early morning to late evening.

This country is not too affected by the globalization process, so most of the products on the shelves of local production.But hunters labels of international renown will be satisfied.Shopping in Greece will enable buy a commodity, almost never occur outside the region, and to buy French or German Gizmos "CARREFOUR" or "LIDL".

Many in Greece and shopping malls.As usual, they are located on the outskirts of big cities: «Metro Mall», «Athens Mall», «Golden Hall» in Athens or «Mediterranean Cosmos» in Thessaloniki.From mid-July to late August and mid-January to the end of February of the katabatic stores discount season is declared.But apart from these periods from time to time some mall carrying out an action or sale.From the standpoint of saving shopping in Greece is very beneficial.Considered the most budget supermarket chain "Sklavenitis" (ΣΚΛΑΒΕΝΙΤΗΣ) and "Ab Vasilopoulos" (ΑΒ ΒΑΣΙΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ).Olive oil and other commodities, which is famous for the country, can be found in Tanopulose (ΘΑΝΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ).

Each region of the country is still renowned for some specific trades, and this fact must be considered, making shopping in Greece.In Crete, for example, can not do without buying leather products, especially sandals or boots.Ceramics imported from Skyros, Sifnos and Rhodes.The islands of Kefalonia and Zakynthos is known for wood carving and embroidery.Rhodes and Athens - the capital of jewelry.Gold ornaments are needed to fly there.But for silver gizmos it makes sense to stop in the town of Ioannina, located in the region of Epirus.

But the best shopping in Greece - is primarily coats.For fur specially organized special tours.The capital is the furriers of Kastoria in the north.So it has historically, that in this city, located in the mountains, with a rather harsh winters, there was demand for the warm covers.And as in the surrounding forests were many beavers, the first coats and coats made from their skins.But now it became the center of Kastoria fur breeding a wide profile.If you did not get to call in the north of Greece, beautiful coat you can buy in Athens and tourist centers of the country.But it will cost 500-600 euros more expensive.