Ryazan region: sights and important places

If you do not know where to go and what to see in central Russia, think hard to go to Ryazan.In this town you will see interesting places to visit, clean and cozy streets, as well as the hospitable locals.There is also the Ryazan region attractions of all kinds.

What to see in the city?

One of the main attractions is the local Ryazan Kremlin.Unlike their brothers from other cities of Russia, this architectural complex has no walls.Instead, only the impressive towering ramparts.Skip to Kremlin is free, and you can buy tickets for domestic expositions dedicated to the history and culture of the Russian people.Abounds Ryazan region attractions are spiritual, even in the Kremlin there are active churches with unique miracle-working icons.Many in the city and the region of ancient monasteries.Some of them operate in our days, while others are open exclusively for tourists as monuments.We must not forget the city's museums: War Museum vehicles, as well as exhibitions devoted to the visual arts, and Airbo


Ryazan region: sights and monuments

lot of interesting places to visit can be found in the region.One of the unique settlements - the town of Kasimov.In it since ancient times peacefully coexisted representatives of the two religions.The most famous attractions of Kasimov, Ryazan region - this ancient mosques and Orthodox churches.Preserved here are other interesting from an architectural point of view of objects - home of the rich and famous people of the estate in the suburbs.Another interesting town Mikhailov.World fame he gained because of its unique color lace.You can see here, and old churches and houses decorated with intricate carvings on wood - typical decoration for Ryazan.It has city Mihaylov (Ryazan region) and other types of attractions.Beside the beautiful nature, plenty of clean water reservoirs, as well as mixed and coniferous forests.

other interesting places of the Ryazan region

exist in the same way just two of the museum of wooden architecture - one of them is located in the Savior Klepikov, the other in the village Lunkin.Fans of mysticism certainly be interesting to visit the town of Gus-Iron, there once was a large ironworks and castle-house of its owners, merchants Batashov.Family History, as well as the production of pig iron, is shrouded in many myths and legends.Has Ryazan region more peaceful and attractions, such as the small village of Kyritz it pleases tourists a unique palace complex, perfectly preserved today.Ryazan region and is known for its unique pottery.The most famous Skopinskaya ceramics.