New Guinea - exotic tourist

Papua - New Guinea is a country in Oceania, located on the south-west Pacific and has a beautiful, untouched nature, defies the imagination rich flora and fauna.Here there are sago palms, wild orchids, sugar cane, araucaria, papaya.In these places you can see the marsupial badger, tree kangaroos, crowned pigeons and other species of rare, amazing animals and birds.


Some travel companies offer trips to the most exotic places of the planet.Papua - New Guinea - one of them.It is possible to do, so time travel, to see preserved for hundreds of years and the primitive to get acquainted with the extraordinary nature of the places.And the variety of holidays in the country offer to suit all tastes: a group, a wedding, or a combined excursion.You can also book a tour to the festival dance show "Sing Sing", the competition fishing or windsurfing, to visit the exhibition of orchids and fascinated by this celebration of nature and beauty.

Climate As for the climate, in the north of the country it

is equatorial, and in the southern part of the - sub-equatorial sea.The island of New Guinea has the most hot and humid climates.And in the winter, and in summer the temperature is around 30 degrees, and at night varies from 20 to 25 degrees.Favorable time of year to visit the island is the period from May to October.Air on the island is very hot and humid, with barely tolerable the Europeans.However, the Papuans of New Guinea believe that these places - heaven on Earth.


If you highlight attractions of the country, then there is a lot of them.Guests of the country initially interested Giluwe shield volcano, which get to the tourist route.Travelers can repeat the feat brothers Leahy - to conquer this great mountain, touching the crater of an ancient volcano.Also, Papua - New Guinea has no less spectacular monument - terrain settlement Cook where you can get acquainted with the customs and life of local residents - the Papuans.Unforgettable will visit River Preserve Bayer, Qutub beautiful lake, National Park Varitara, Garden of Eden, and the Mount William National Botanic Gardens.Cultural and historical values ​​are represented in the museum.Here you can explore the architecture, culture, history and spirituality of the island.And in the courtyard of the museum there is a park with various kinds of birds and animals.


Papua - New Guinea has many beaches have soft sand, warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, friendly natives and complete lack of blood-sucking insects.Where you can spend time peacefully.Also, in the country the world's best diving.So consider professionals and newcomers, which affects the local splendor of the underwater world.Thousands of kilometers stretch of the lagoon, reef, underwater plateau, sunken ships at different times.Tourists called fascinating trip to this tropical paradise "trip of a lifetime."