Attraction "Kamikaze" - it's fun!

Did you know that in Japanese meaning of the word "kamikaze"?The etymology of his being from two words "kami" - the divine and "kazŅ‘" - the wind.All together, it turns out - divine wind.This word in the second half of the last century became known as the Japanese pilots bombers.That is, those who knowingly went to death for the sake of achievement.

Today "kamikaze" - it is also the name of one of the most risky and scary rides.These giant swing can be found in a variety of amusement parks of our country - from Saratov and Novosibirsk.Although originally attraction "Kamikaze" from sunny Italy, where there were the first such swing.What it is and what the public likes so?

If you go to an amusement park, you'll be able to see the "Kamikaze" - an attraction towers over the rest of the swing, like a giant over the Lilliputians.It looks like two huge hammer crossed with counterweights to the end of the "arms".Customers are located in a number of seats, which are installed in the "head" of the hammers.The

y are firmly secured by seat belts.

How does the ride "Kamikaze"?Both parts of its structure begin to rotate around an axis fixed at the intersection point "arms."Moreover, each of the parts makes it its side - one moves clockwise and the second - against it.Having made a full turn, each of the inertia reaches the top point and then starts to move in the opposite direction, thus making a half turn in each direction.The speed with which the moving ride "Kamikaze" is suggestive of the fact that the name is quite justified - only a very brave person would risk a ride on this.However, those who once passed through this test, argue that it's not so scary.Desperate people what to say.

As with any attraction, these "little rocker" has its limitations.In it, for example, can prevent children or those whose growth is not high enough security "kamikaze".Usually such entertainment permit people not less than 140 centimeters, in order to avoid falling out of the chair when the coup.If you are going to shoot their own feelings and ride "Kamikaze", photographic and video equipment is best left to those who will watch your flight from - better that they do shoot (albeit distant) than you drop a camera from a great height duringcoup.Also worth before planting to get out of the pockets of all the little things - they are likely to fall out at the top coup.

I think, superfluous to remind that such entertainment are unacceptable for those who drink alcohol.Also worth a visit to give up the attraction, if you are taking potent drugs, suffer from too strong pressure surges - because you will have to turn upside down, and sharply and repeatedly.As for the rest, an attraction "Kamikaze" definitely worth visiting, if only to prove to himself his own fearlessness.