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This direction quickly gained popularity among Russian tourists.Among the variety of resorts in Thailand Pattaya - one the most popular.This is due to a number of reasons, chief among them - the local beaches.Pattaya is famous far beyond the borders of the region.They are available throughout the year irrespective of the season.This is the feature of the local climate, defined by the dominant influence of the hottest in the world of the Indian Ocean.

best beaches of Pattaya

It is a recognized capital of a beach holiday, not only in Southeast Asia, but almost all over the world.The main reason why people are sent here, it's beaches.Pattaya is famous for them.The city itself is located on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, and its territory is spread very widely.The length of the coastline of the Gulf up mostly beaches.Pattaya can boast of.

They can be divided into three groups - the Central, North and South.The central beach is located directly in the city, which provides an easy access to it - mo

st of the hotels are located directly on the waterfront.Here everything is quite comfortable, but disadvantages are polluted shore.There is moored a large number of light-boats and pleasure boats.Therefore, it's better to look at the north or south.The beaches are located in the south of the center, called Jomtien Beach and Bang September.The closest is just two kilometers away, to get to him is not difficult.There is enough comfortable and not crowded, especially on weekdays.This place is very popular among surfers and other water sports.There is a network of convenient and relatively inexpensive hotels along the coast.And a huge number of restaurants and bars for every taste and budget.North Beach or Naklayya Beach, it's pretty quiet and peaceful place for a leisurely family vacation.There is no noisy night life, but has all the service and hotel infrastructure.In addition, the islands in the bay area also has excellent beaches.Pattaya very close, and public transport with her stable.It can be quickly reached, it is not very expensive.According to many discerning travelers it is located on the islands best beaches of Pattaya.Photo made there, is decorated as family albums and glossy travel catalogs.And they always look impressive, especially against the backdrop of the setting sun over the bay.

Pattaya during the rainy season

This period in the summer months, from about the end of May to early September.Coast of Thailand is under the influence of monsoon rainfall.But this does not mean that at this time there is no need to go here.On the contrary, this season has its own charm and its own advantages.Many tour operators at that time reduced the price of the given direction.And the climate of the coast is still very comfortable for relaxing and quite soft.Rains are though, but on the foreshore do not stay long.At this time, she will sing a lot of tropical fruit, and prices are very reasonable.