Why Barcelona is considered the second capital of Spain ?The best way to find out - to rent an apartment in Barcelona and live there .

If you still have never been in Barcelona, ​​you do not know what you're missing.If you've already been there, you should know - there still have a lot of interesting things that you definitely need to look at.Because of the size of the city and its importance, he is considered to be the second capital of Spain after Madrid.Barcelona offers visitors a cultural program, entertainment, beaches and everything you need for a great and memorable stay.The character of this city can not be confused with any other: it combines the style and way of life in the cosmopolitan tastes.

If you are going to visit Barcelona, ​​please note that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to enjoy this city.You can live in a variety of board or rent an apartment in Barcelona for a fairly reasonable price, and thus "get used" to the city.

In the vast coast of Barcelona has many urban beaches.For example, Barceloneta, Poble Nou or near Vila Olimpica you can perfectly enjoy the sun, swim and relax.If you prefer outdoor

activities - you can go here water sports or beach sports (volleyball, etc.).All the beaches are not far from the city, so you can easily get there by public transport or even on foot.

Besides the beach you can have fun in other ways.Do not waste your time and take a stroll through the old town: the Gothic Quarter, La Rambla and other places will surprise you.Here you will find not only bars and restaurants, but also a variety of museums, beautiful sights, such as the Cathedral.Excellent lodging option - to rent an apartment in Barcelona near the old town.Then you'll be in the heart of this cosmopolitan city, which in itself is also very interesting.

to move around the city, with the most of the city and getting to know its inhabitants, you can rent a bicycle.Parking for bicycles are everywhere, so this method of travel is very popular among both natives and tourists.Thus, moving from one place to another, you will not escape from any detail.Rent apartments in Barcelona, ​​too, will help you get to know him.Do not forget to wander around the Maremagnum, where you can also eat or go shopping.

course, a visit to the Sagrada Familia is absolutely necessary, as well as the rise of the mountain of Montjuic.You have to make the best pictures.If you want to see modern architecture, you will find it in the Eixample district in the Parque Guell (creation of the great and unique genius of Gaudi).This is one of the business cards of the city.

When it's time for lunch, be sure to try the local cuisine, to plunge into the Catalan tradition.Botifarra, Crema Catalan and other dishes certainly you very ponravyatsya.Podytozhivaya story about Barcelona, ​​we can safely say that this is the ideal place for short trips and for a longer holiday, as there are always places that you have not visited this city andIt never ceases to amaze and delight at what times you would come here.