Pavlovsky Posad: Sights

city Pavlovsky Posad, located just an hour away from Moscow, the atmosphere is filled with leisurely life heartland and indescribable flavor.The rhythm of life, a leisurely stroll through the ancient streets, the architecture of the merchants' two-storey houses and beautiful churches attract many people who appreciate the flavor and characteristic of Russian culture.

Within the city are located such well-known Russian attractions such as the Temple of the Lord's Resurrection, the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, Pokrovsky Monastery Vasilevsky, and numerous factories scarves and shawls with printed pattern.

history of the city dates back to 1845, when the site was founded several villages Pavlovsky Posad.Sights of the city in the modern world known and popular not only in Russia but also worldwide.Local residents have long been famous for their craftsmanship and artisanal fisheries.That city gave the world the stunning beauty of the scarves and shawls with printed pattern.The active de

velopment and construction of the mills began in the city in the early 19th century, and gradually he became known as a center of textile industry.

Many beautiful old religious monuments preserved in the town of Pavlovsky Posad.Things to attract lovers of architecture.In the northern part of the city is located Pokrovsko-Vasilevsky monastery, where the relics of the patron saint of the city.One of the main landmarks of Pavlovsky Posad is a bell tower of the Cathedral of the Resurrection - the only part that has survived to the present day.Not far from it in the early 20th century, the chapel was established in commemoration of the War of 1812.During its history it was destroyed and completely restored.

During the War of 1812 were active hostilities in the region and in the city Pavlovsky Posad.Landmarks and Monuments of military subjects tell of active guerrilla warfare waged by local residents in support of the country's army.One of the most famous - a monument to the partisan Vasily Kurkin, awarding the George Cross first degree for bravery and courage.

many interesting places and homes located throughout the city Pavlovsky Posad.Things to talk about the city's history, about life and occupations of people about the famous people who were born and raised here.Among such places need to visit the museum and the exhibition hall of the house Shirokov.We can not ignore the history of the Museum of Russian scarves and shawls.From the exposure can learn about the history, technology and manufacturing features of the symbol of the city Pavlovsky Posad.Attractions of the museum - a private collection of shawls 18-20 century, as well as unique tools for drawing a pattern on the fabric.And go from Pavlovsky Posad is possible with only a few instances of local production of shawls.