Kos airport "Hippocrates" awaits guests

Kos Island is part of the Dodecanese archipelago, which is better known as the Southern Sporades.It is located in the Aegean Sea in Greece, but only 4 kilometers away are the resorts of Bodrum, Turkey.Every year thousands of tourists flock to this amazing island - Kos.Airport "Hippocrates" is the only air harbor of this paradise place.


Air Gates is 26 kilometers from the administrative center of the island, which is also called Kos.Airport relatively large, is composed of two terminals.Every day, these "gates of heaven" take aircraft from the mainland.Charter flights are, in turn, have a wide range of areas.The airport operates in emergency mode in the hot summer months.In the hot tourist season according to passenger becomes sixth Greece.


Airport "Hippocrates" was built in 1964.At this time, the total length of the runway is not greater than 1200 meters.It was then that this small airport has given impetus to the development of the tourism industry in the area.Since Kos bec

ame wildly popular, ten years later, the total length of the strips was doubled.By the end of the 1980s, air harbor of the island was already overloaded.This gave impetus to the transformation and expansion of the complex.The new terminal, built in the 90s of the last century, now only takes tourists.Whereas the old sends them home from the island of Kos.Airport began a new life!

Services provides services in the building of "Hippocrates" may seem meager compared to other similar European airports.Here you will find the business and conference rooms.But there is a police station with friendly staff and a medical center.In shops that offer tax-free goods you can buy alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and perfumes.Here you can find a variety of restaurants, cafes and bars that serve the airport.Kos - is not a place where you can change money.This procedure is best just in Athens.

How to get to Kos

Airport generally only accepts domestic and charter flights.Residents of Russia basically get to the island via the Greek capital Athens.Flight transplant usually takes about 12 hours.The cost of one-way tickets varies from 7 000 rubles.Major airlines serving the route - is "Age" and "Air Berlin".You may have to select a combination to get to the airport.

Greece, Kos - what to see?

Kos - is not only the amazing beaches, beautiful sunshine and white sand.First of all this place keeps in mind the history and culture of ancient Greece.Among the popular attractions of the island can be noted:

  • Ancient Asklepion where Hippocrates himself created the foundations of modern Western medicine.
  • Archaeological Museum, which was opened in 1930.It keeps a unique relics discovered on the island.
  • largest Roman villa is located here.It has 37 rooms that have retained the rich atmosphere of the houses of III century BC.

So, if you're determined to visit the wonderful island of Kos Airport "Hippocrates" is always waiting for its guests!