Petersburg Circus on Fontanka

for many tourists coming to St. Petersburg Circus on Fontanka - one of those places where there is sure to visit.

Circus performances were interesting people long ago.First presentation given wandering circus troupe, and later (from the XVIII century), like entertainment, turning into real festivities, began to organize in an arena for riding, and the XIX century began to build the circus building.However, facilities such buildings did not differ.

idea to build a circus on Fontanka came up with the Italian artist, who was then the trainer and actor, and the head of a large circus family.This building was constructed differ from previously.

Circus on Fontanka planned to build, relying on advanced engineering, with a dome almost 50 meters in span, with no interior columns support, which created a special three-dimensional effect.The new solution dome was like a huge inverted bowl, covering the auditorium.By the way, this decision was later used in the construction of such facilities.Hall issued a lu

xury, velvet, gold and mirrors.The total number of seats - 5,000 of them just in the stalls - 1500.

first visitors Circus on Fontanka adopted in 1877 (December 26).The building is still considered one of the most beautiful circus buildings in the world.In 1919 it passed to the jurisdiction of the state, it was altered many times, having lost a number of aesthetic and architectural nuances and in the interior, and the external appearance.In 1959 he began major reconstruction, which lasted until 1962.The result was destroyed decor fronts (and facial and lateral).Interchangeable and guidance.In 1919 Scipione Ciniselli (last owner) left Russia, and leadership responsibilities assumed by workers of the circus.Later, he was appointed the first Soviet Director of Leningrad Circus Truzzi Williams - an outstanding actor and director.His scripts were used in the formulation of a number of pantomimes.

the Soviet pre-war Leningrad circus took not only domestic actors, but stars of the European scale: Togare trainers and Karl Kossmi, illusionist mullet, athlete Sandvina, musical clowns "Barraseta" and many others.

In 1941, the circus interrupted his work, completing the 63rd season.Opening of the new season took place in the second half of 1944. It was here that a new generation of artists.From St. Petersburg circus were closely linked by celebrities such as illusionist Kio, Yuri Nikulin, Yuri Kuklachev, Oleg Popov.

Today's Circus on Fontanka pleases its guests bright show with a fantastic light design.Performers - the real professionals, launches a storm of enthusiastic applause.

Circus on Fontanka, how to get to him?Regardless of the location, begin the path to the Nevsky Prospekt, as this is the easiest landmark.If the path begins on the eastern side of Peter, you need to go to the avenue Zanevsky, further - to the west (in the prospectus).If you get to the east side, you get to the intersection of the Fontanka embankment and Nevsky Prospect, turn right there, then - to engineering, where we will see the building of the circus.From the west, follow the same Nevsky Prospekt, and then across the street Sadovaya or caravan on the Engineering of it east to the circus.

If you plan to travel by public transport, please use the subway.Your stop - station "Gostiny Dvor".Then take bus number 212 or number 49 (you need one stop towards the street Engineering), then walk to the waterfront, there is very close to the circus.