A few words about where to have a good rest in Abkhazia

There is a widespread belief that the rest go to Abkhazia only people who are indifferent to the level of service or those who can not afford to obtain a passport and travel to a luxurious resort.However, this view is mistaken: in this solar Caucasian country also has a warm sea, amazing natural beauty and friendly and sincere people.Do not be afraid that the difficult political relations between Russia and Georgia will spoil you vacation in Abkhazia: reviews of tourists say that in the western coastal areas of the country where, in fact, tourists come, everything is absolutely quiet.

Russians in this region at all comfortable.Everywhere in everyday it uses the ruble, so I do not have anything to lose in the currency exchange.The border crossing (to the border post bus runs from Adler) will not take more than an hour.But now you have crossed the state cordon.Where to go for a vacation in Abkhazia?The most "untwisted" fashionable, but it is also the most expensive resort in the country is Gagra.There h

ave already appeared quite decent small family hotels, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants.Now restored local landmark - a wooden restaurant Gagripsh, who built his own money the Prince of Oldenburg.

Beach in Gagra season lasts from mid-spring to mid-autumn.This is the warmest and driest place in the Caucasian Black Sea coast.And here is the warm water.In summer it warms up to + 27-28 degrees.Most people in the country on the issue of where to have a good rest in Abkhazia immediately answer that, of course, in Gagra.Eucalyptus alley, an observation deck on Mount Mamzyshh, the palace of Prince of Oldenburg and the old park with exotic plants - this is only a little of what you can offer Gagra.

Another place where a good rest in Abkhazia, Pitsunda it.There is a pebble beach right up moving relic pine.Their scent will charm anyone.In addition, this city has suffered the least during the war, the 90-ies of the last century.Now it is a quiet urban village, where you can come, even with small children.And from the Russian border Pitsundu separated by only 43 kilometers.There is also a sandy beach, but the main attraction of this paradise is the temple of the 12th century, which regularly hosts chamber kontserty.Samym cheap resort, where a good rest in Abkhazia is New Athos.Landscapes here unearthly beauty: caves will impress even people completely indifferent to caving.It's very interesting to go on an excursion to a local miracle of nature - green lake Ritsa, located at an altitude of 930 meters above sea level.And it is a crime against himself and will miss the visit to Athos monastery of St. Simeon - the main sanctuary of these places.

capital of the republic, the city of Sukhumi, is also a place where a good rest in Abkhazia. There is also a pebbly beaches, a beautiful botanical garden and the monkey nursery, which is interesting to go along with the children.Do not be afraid to visit the local restaurants and cafes cuisine, shopping in local markets, traded in small little shops.The local people - the people are friendly and open.They are simply in love with their land.And they call it Apsny, which means in translation from the Abkhazian "country soul".And everyone who visits this region as if left there a piece of his own.