The short answer to the question about the features of rest on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, the basic idea is reduced to a unique combination of different possibilities in a relatively small geographical space point.This combination of excellent standard beach holiday and familiarity with the rich historical legacy of past centuries.Attractions Croatia generously scattered all along its coast.They do not have to search long.Getting them does not preclude a comfortable beach holiday.

Attractions Croatia

To those should be attributed primarily well-preserved medieval city of Dubrovnik.This pearl of the Adriatic avowed saw everything, even those who have never been there.But, among other things, it is also a great place for location filming historical films.Many episodes of the famous series "Game of Thrones" filmed it among the towers, palaces and walls on the narrow old streets.But the attractions of this unique city in Croatia are not exhausted.Expressive it is not inferior to the city of Split.Co

ming into it is even for the sake of only one palace Roman Emperor Diocletian - a monument of world cultural heritage.And very near Split is a famous fortress Klis, impregnable fortification antiquity.Its walls and towers are impressive to visitors today.From the height of its tower offers great views of the surrounding coast.Poschёlkat camera lovers should not miss this place, sightseeing in Croatia.Photos from the highest points of the survey may be the best for your entire career.Here it is located near the ancient Roman city of Salona.More precisely, its picturesque ruins.They are also required to inspect.Agree, not every day is brought to wander through the romantic ruins of the ancient city.

capital of Croatia - Zagreb

Attractions Croatia is best to begin to examine it here.It is the largest city in the country.It is located along the banks of the Sava, a tributary of the Danube.In the capital, there is something to look at.For a tour of the ancient city can use the funicular line, it passes through its historic center and connects Lower Town with the Upper rising on the slopes of Mount Medvednica.The old town is a double name - Gradec and Kaptol - on the names of the two settlements, which existed here since antiquity.Generally unique facilities and attractions in Croatia a lot.And his stay here should be approached rationally, not to miss the most important.Attractions on the map of Croatia country are indicated in detail.And it should use when planning your route.Card without any problems can be found in any hotel, which will meet on your way.But the country is characterized by the fact that all her explore in one visit is very difficult.It will want to return.