What do the ratings the New World - a perfect place to relax

As evidenced by the numerous reviews, the New World, located near Sudak, this is a very beautiful place where you can relax at any time of the year.In the past, this area was called Paradise, which translated into Russian means "amazing and unique place" or simply "paradise".

Section 1 Reviews: New World - a wonderful corner of the Crimea main beach in this part of the Crimean coast is located near the village of the New World, on the other, nearby, is only accessible by boat or by walking on foot.The central beach in the village is private.But here you will find not only a beach holiday.

New World: reviews report that the area around the village is part of the landscape reserve, so famous trail and bay in the middle of the season can only be visited at an additional charge.Here you can see high juniper, Crimean pine and Sudak.The reserve is located in the wild and wild animals, including those relating to the 50 rare species.

way, it should be noted, that the wonderful nature of the New World m

ore than once attracted the attention of filmmakers: in these places the shooting took place liked by the audience movie "Anna Karenina", "Amphibian Man", "Andromeda", "Treasure Island", "32 ".

climate in this part of the coast smooth and soft as the mountains in the west and east are the reliable protection from cold winds.Here, the warm winter and very early spring.

Section 2. Reviews: New World - historical information Scientists have found the remains of many ancient settlements on the Crimean peninsula in general, and in this area in particular.

where 2000 years ago the Greeks first settled.They also call this place Paradise.Indeed, it is hard to doubt that heaven may look different than the Crimea (the New World).Rest, reviews of which this confirmation is wonderful.

the way, is the name given to the coastal village in the late 19th century.While the owner of the estate there was LSGolitsyn, who built this place in the winery, famous for the production of sparkling wines.It is difficult to imagine that the collection was more Golitsyn 44,500 bottles of rare wines.What happened to it after 1917, it is still unknown.There is even a version according to which wine collection was hidden in an underground cave, one of many in the Crimean land.

is believed that the name of the New World is due to the time when the estate of Prince Golitsyn visited the Tsar Nicholas II.He is credited with the phrase that after tasting the champagne wines produced in a local factory, everything begins to be presented in a new light.This plant works today.In addition, the preserved building, which was built for employees of the plant.

Section 3. Reviews: New World - an amazing opportunity

Lovers in Crimea nature explorers and travelers call this peninsula a wonderful area of ​​the world where you can enjoy the sea and the mountains, explore the plains and dense forests, canyons and admire the wonder thatHere you can find even a small desert.

entertainment lovers will find here beautiful beaches, passionate explorers of the past - numerous monuments belonging to different periods, and romance - wonderful trails and mountain peaks.For those who need to improve their health, perfect holiday home, healthful sea air and swimming in the sea.