Tobolsk: the sights of the ancient city

Sometimes it is interesting to draw his attention to the somewhat unusual direction - east of Moscow.Many are not even aware of how many noteworthy cultural heritage tourist is on the expanses of Siberia.This is despite the fact that the historic capital of Siberia is known to all, it is - Tobolsk.Attractions its many are also known, but in absentia, for movies, photos and paintings of artists.And in this city and to this day is even there is something to look at.


This city on the bank of the Irtysh River for more than four centuries.But everyone who gets here, regardless of where he had come to the city, first of all strikes the famous Tobolsk Kremlin on the high bank of the Irtysh River.Lovely view of the symbol of the conquest of Siberia was called, by the way, from the window of the aircraft, the setting for a landing at the local airport.With a height very well see what Tobolsk.Things to it in the form of Orthodox churches are clearly visible above the low of traditional o

ld buildings.

central place in the city, of course, takes the Tobolsk Kremlin.By the way, this is the only stone citadel in the Urals.He was elevated to the top of Cape Trinity in the early eighteenth century, replacing an earlier wooden stand here fortifications.Composite architectural dominant of the whole city is Sophia-Assumption Cathedral, built in 1684.And it was the first stone building of this magnitude in the whole of Siberia.Cathedral bell tower was built about a century later.It is made in the style of Russian classicism and its height is 75 meters.Since it offers a breathtaking view and long goorizonty, and the city of Tobolsk.Things to its clearly visible.They are very much in this relatively small, partly wooden town.

Attractions Tobolsk and their addresses without any problems can be found in a variety of reference books.But there is a specific need, the indigenous inhabitants of the city are usually happy to show guests the way to any notable places and objects.A lot of interesting and expressive in the lower part of the piedmont.In addition to the restored religious buildings preserved in good condition, a lot of samples of Siberian wooden architecture.Come down from the Kremlin may be the wooden stairs of Sofia vzvoz.This historic staircase runs between huge retaining walls.

Expressive place for photography

such in the city on the Irtysh very much.But here's the thing to remember visiting Tobolsk: attractions, photos which are widely represented on travel sites, expressive of all obtained from the upper points of shooting.We are talking about overlooking the city of Cape Trinity, which is the Tobolsk Kremlin.Just behind the Kremlin wall there is a convenient platform for shooting, where most of the city is visible in every small detail.Especially beautiful pictures obtained here on the evening side light.