Where are the best beaches in Kabardinka

Many Russians do not know not only what is best beaches Kabardinka, but where this village is.And is this seaside resort in our country, not far from Novorossiysk and only fourteen kilometers from Gelendzhik.The smooth coastline ends Tsemess Bay Cape Doob in the south of the city.Kabardinka like resting on the steps of a giant green amphitheater, steps down to the sea.This town is not very old and has existed since 1836, when there was built by the Russian military fort.

natural and climatic conditions Kabardinka ideal for rest and treatment.People come here to treat the mountain-sea air bronchi and lungs.The tourist infrastructure of the resort is very well developed, and you can easily find a place to live to taste - from the simplest to the most luxurious hotels.By the way, here it is the only one so far in the whole region Gelendzhiksom five-star hotel.But that is not allocated to other resorts in town.Coast, as if specially designed for relaxation and comfort - this is what is deservedly proud of

Kabardinka.Photos of the beach resort of Russia differs little from advertising images from the pages of tourist brochures resorts in Italy or Montenegro.The tourist season lasts at this resort for seven months of the year.It's all thanks to the ridge, which protects the shore of the bay from the icy forests of Novorossiysk.The beaches are mostly pebble Kabardinka.The central city is well equipped, but unfortunately in high season full of people to failure.Therefore, if you do not like the numerous company of their own kind, it is better to pass on the entrance.There will be quieter.But this place is still worth a visit, if only for the beautiful city promenade with cafes.

Kabardinka Nudist beaches are located just behind the cape Doob.We can say that this hidden from prying eyes behind the bushes juniper recreation area is considered one of the most famous amateur naturist holiday all of the Krasnodar Territory.It is very comfortable, because you can always find shade under fragrant pine trees or juniper thickets.To get to the recreation area nudists have to overcome a cape down to the water and a quarter of an hour walk along the sea.

Wild beaches Kabardinka begin almost immediately for Cape foam (it is closer to Novorossiysk).At this point, the high banks, but you can always go down the ladder to the water's edge, delineated natural pebbles.However, no point on this coast lifeguards there so few vacationers on their own.For wild beach begins recreation area "Victoria" represents a vivid contrast to the "wild" terrain thanks to its facilities.There is a toilet, shower, sun beds and umbrellas rentals and even such exotic service as hydro.From here the village center can be reached by shuttle bus.

The resort is not a problem to find a secluded areas with medium pebbles or the rocks.But there are many areas with very small pebbles, gentle descent to the sea and a sandy bottom - and they have famous Kabardinka.The sandy beach here too, but close to Gelendzhik.A spacious areas with light gray sand (and not only in water, but also on the bank) can be found right in the center of the city, as it is surprising.