Attractions Loo: natural creations and architectural constructions

18 kilometers from Sochi spread holiday village with an exotic name Loo.In the neighborhood called Little Sochi.Perhaps this is due to the proximity to the famous resort.The main feature of the village is an excellent beach line, which attracts many holidaymakers here.Despite the small size of the place, while a beach holiday, you can make a number of exciting trips to interesting places.Attractions Loo - a picturesque landscape, natural monuments and architecture, both ancient and modern.

Before turning to the examination of these attractions, you want to say something about the settlement.The name of the resort is closely connected with the mountaineers-Abazins.This refers to the 17th century Turkish traveler Celebi.The word "loo" is formed from the name of the genus Abaza Lowe, who lived here in the 16-17th centuries.The same name was given, and the river that flows from the mountains to the sea.Due to the unique history of this place there is something to see.

sightseeing Loo is recommended to

start with a Byzantine church, the ruins of which are located near the village at an altitude of 200 meters.The building was made of limestone in the 8-9 century.Today we can see small fragments.The best preserved northern part.Judging from the remains of the temple was not very big - about ten to twenty meters.The thickness of its walls was a little more than a meter.This suggests that once this building served as the protective structure.It found three entrances to the temple.During excavation found fragments of greenish glass windows, a few fragments of carved ornaments.

Continuing sightseeing Loo, pay attention to the Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Hovhannes, whose consecration took place in 2006.An interesting will visit the temple of St. Simion Canaanite, the building of which began to build in 2009.Its main feature are the two gilded dome.In addition to the architectural structures, which are of interest to tourists, Loo famous for its natural unique place inspection which will be no less interesting.

Attractions Loo can be supplemented by an amazing place, created by nature itself.In the valley of the river in the gorge Shah Dzhegosh are 33 waterfalls.For a number of them can not see the simple tourist due to inaccessibility.But those 17 that you can see will bring a lot of fun.Locals love spending time on the fifth waterfall, as there is a small lake suitable for swimming.The most popular waterfall is considered to Paradise pleasure, formed by the river Loo.To reach this place, you must go on a suspension bridge.Along the way, you can go to the open-air museum, which will allow inspection acquainted with the objects of everyday life of Hamshen Armenians of the 19th century.Nearby is an old water mill, restored in the early 20th century.Explore all the beauty of these places can not be without a visit to the loo.Photos, which show the sights, do not convey fully the grandeur and the spirit that you can feel being in this place.

During your stay in this village guests are asked to admire wooden teahouses, built in the 70s of the last century.Initial their purpose - reception of foreign guests.Now these plants are various cafes.Near these houses you can see the tea plantations.The houses have showrooms where collections of Russian craftsmanship.

From natural beauty can be tiring.Waterpark "AquaLoo" - a totally different game for those who spend a holiday in 2013. The Loo Attractions perfectly combined with entertainment, such, for example, which offers diving center "Aquatic".You can take a fascinating trip on horseback, visiting the equestrian tourist base "heavenly delight."And for fans of extreme sports have the opportunity to ride with the mountains in a car with high cross.