The biggest bridge in the world: the concrete, overhead, and other natural

what people have in mind when asked to name the greatest bridges in the world?Bridges characterized by their height?The longest facilities?

Or those that took more than just building materials?In fact, there are many in the world rankings, which represent the most-most bridges over all categories.We are now only accessible with a part of them.

biggest bridge in the world

On one of the first places claimed by China.It was there, in Hangzhou, has a structure that is longer than 36 kilometers.No, this is not the highway.Until 2011 it was the largest bridge in the world's longest.It has the shape of S, stretches over the ocean, crosses the Yangtze Delta.Extraordinary beauty bridge connects the north and south China, will reduce the way to 120 km.In 2011, in the same country have opened another bridge - Qingdao.It is longer than his "brother."Today both are recognized as the greatest bridges of the world (photos confirm this) in length.If we consider not only the design of these, and all, as they

say the builders' construction of bridge-type ", the championship could claim highway in Thailand.It is, however, passes over land, but its length is 54 kilometers.If we consider the bridges in terms of the length of the main span, the record will be the Japanese Akashi Kaikyo.Connects the islands of Honshu and Awaji, it has a span length 1991 m (at a total length of 3911 m).Bridges and Structures of this type are diverse.They may be supporting, hanging, have different number of bases or be aligned as a dam.The biggest bridge in the world, similar to the dam construction is over Pontchartrain (lake located in Louisiana).United States rightfully take pride in the dam, consisting of two separate roads, stretching for 38 and a half kilometers and supported nine thousand feet.However, the number of bases is not necessary.Another major bridge in the world has only one leg, but consists of two "halves".It suspended the Erasmus Bridge (Erasmusbrug), which occupies a leading place among movable structures.There are other very famous buildings.Their length is certainly inferior to Japanese and Chinese, but still impressive.The length of the bicycle-pedestrian bridge on the Mississippi - 1631 m. The first took place through Highway 66, then a long bridge was inactive, and after reconstruction in 1999, he recognized the longest structure for cyclists and pedestrians.

Magdeburg in the German car-pedestrian bridge length of 918 meters connects the two rivers Elbe and Havel.The length of the Millau Viaduct in France - 2460 meters.The bridge "The Bane" (Myanmar) just over a kilometer, but it is also possible to add to the list of giants.The fact that it was built back in 1849 ... of wood.It is the largest and most ancient operating structure, made only of wood, on which are still possible movement.The biggest bridge in the world are able to build not only the people.Nature itself sometimes creates unique masterpieces.For example, in Utah (USA) is the bridge, which was formed due to heavy flow of river water.The height of nearly 89 meters.Arched strongly arched, it resembles a rainbow, so called: Rainbow Bridge.